The 5 Best Things To Do Around Acapulco

If you’re looking for a beautiful beach destination with plenty of things to do, look no further than Acapulco. Nestled on the Pacific coast of Mexico, this vibrant city offers a wide range of attractions for travelers of all ages and interests. From stunning beaches and water sports to historic landmarks and cultural experiences, there’s something for everyone in Acapulco. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the best attractions and things to do in this lively destination, so you can make the most of your next vacation.

The 5 Best Things To Do Around Acapulco

  1. Acapulco Diving Exhibition Baby Turtle Release Shore Trip
  2. Romantic Day Trip to Taxco from Acapulco
  3. 6hrs Shore Excursion With Cruise Ship Terminal Pick Up
  4. Divers Chapel of Peace Baby Turtle Release Acapulco for All City Tour
  5. Acapulco 6 Hour All Inclusive Tour

The 5 Best Things To Do Around Acapulco

1. Acapulco Diving Exhibition Baby Turtle Release Shore Trip

Experience the thrill of releasing a baby turtle into the Pacific Ocean in this unique shore trip. Your friendly guide will pick you up from your hotel, resort, Air B&B property or condominium and take you to a beautiful beach located just 30 minutes from the pier. Here, you will learn all the important facts about releasing a baby turtle into the ocean.

But that’s not all – your tour also includes the opportunity to see the famous high cliff divers at La Quebrada, a visit to the municipal market, and a chance to see the murals of Diego Rivera. You will also visit the Chapel of Peace and witness the effects of the three different social classes in Acapulco.

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable Acapulco diving exhibition and baby turtle release shore trip. Contact your friendly supplier for pick up details and get ready to embark on an adventure you’ll never forget.

2. Romantic Day Trip to Taxco from Acapulco

The Romantic Day Trip to Taxco from Acapulco is a great opportunity to discover a beautiful colonial town located in the mountains of the North Sierra. During the drive through the Sierra Madre mountain range, you will admire the countryside and learn about the history of Mexico. The tour will make a first stop in Chilpancingo (capital of the state of Guerrero) for you to have breakfast (not included). Then, you will visit Taxco, a city with a unique architectural style. Walk down its cobblestone streets and see white stucco houses topped with red tiled roofs. Visit the baroque Santa Prisca Cathedral and enjoy some free time to get lunch and see the city at your leisure before returning to Acapulco. Enjoy the different vegetation and scenery along the way to this beautiful mining town. Taxco is also known as the Silver Capital of Mexico, so make sure to take plenty of time for shopping. This tour offers you the chance to enjoy Taxco’s fabulous weather and atmosphere at your own pace.

3. 6hrs Shore Excursion With Cruise Ship Terminal Pick Up

Explore the best Acapulco has to offer with a 6-hour shore excursion that includes pick up directly from the cruise ship terminal. Start your experience by heading to a beautiful beach, where you’ll be able to witness the release of a baby turtle into the Pacific Ocean. Next, visit the Chapel of Peace at Las Brisas Hotel for a breathtaking view of the Bay of Acapulco, followed by a drive through the town’s exclusive residential area. In addition, you’ll visit the city market to gain insight into the source of the town’s fresh produce and meat. Throughout the tour, enjoy the knowledge of a local guide who will explain all there is to know about this fantastic city. There are no shopping stops or tourist traps on this tour, only the best attractions in Acapulco. Book your shore excursion now for an unforgettable experience.

4. Divers Chapel of Peace Baby Turtle Release Acapulco for All City Tour

Explore the best of Acapulco on this city tour with an experienced guide. Discover the history and daily life of the locals as you visit some of the city’s top landmarks including the famous Cliff Divers, the Chapel of Peace, and the Vallarino Turtle Camp. With convenient hotel pickup and drop-off, and insightful commentary from the guide, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for this bustling city. Plus, enjoy high-speed internet access at the restaurant and rest easy knowing gratuities are included. Book now to experience Acapulco’s highlights in one comprehensive tour.

5. Acapulco 6 Hour All Inclusive Tour

Explore Acapulco for half a day on this all-inclusive tour. Witness the famous cliff divers of La Quebrada, browse the Central Market, and enjoy panoramic views of the city. Along the way, visit the Turtle Conservation Camp to learn more about turtle preservation and see a baby turtle release into the wild. Drive through Las Brisas, the exclusive residential area, and visit the Chapel of Peace. Then, witness the way of life of working-class residents in the middle-class neighborhoods and on the main avenue. You’ll reach the highest point of the city to enjoy a breathtaking view of Acapulco’s northern part. Book now and experience the best of Acapulco!

Frequently Asked Questions About Acapulco, Mexico

If you’re planning a trip to Acapulco, you may have some questions that need answering before you go. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Acapulco that should help you plan your visit better.

Is Acapulco safe for tourists?

Safety is a common concern for many tourists visiting Mexico, and Acapulco is no exception. While it is true that crime can occur in Acapulco, the city is generally safe for tourists as long as they take basic precautions. Avoid walking alone at night, especially in isolated areas, and stay in well-lit areas.Tourists should be aware that the beach vendors in Acapulco can be persistent and aggressive, but they are generally harmless. Just say “no, gracias” firmly if you’re not interested in what they’re selling and they’ll usually move on.

What is the best time of year to visit Acapulco?

The best time to visit Acapulco is between December and April when the weather is dry and sunny. The temperatures are warm and pleasant, and there is almost no rain during this time. If you’re looking for a quieter time to visit, consider going in May or November when the crowds are thinner, and the prices are lower.

What are the main tourist attractions in Acapulco?

Acapulco is a popular tourist destination with plenty of attractions to satisfy both leisure seekers and adventure enthusiasts. Some of the main attractions in Acapulco include:

  • The Acapulco Bay
  • The La Quebrada cliff diving performances
  • The Fort of San Diego
  • The Chapel of Peace
  • The Acapulco Botanical Garden

What is the local currency in Acapulco?

The local currency in Acapulco, as in the rest of Mexico, is the Mexican Peso (MXN). It is recommended to exchange your currency into pesos as many vendors do not accept US dollars. ATMs can be found all over the city, and most major credit cards are accepted at hotels and tourist destinations.

Do I need to speak Spanish to visit Acapulco?

Spanish is the official language of Mexico, but many people in Acapulco also speak English. You should be able to communicate with most people in tourist areas, at hotels, or at major attractions. However, learning some basic Spanish phrases can make your trip more enjoyable, and the locals will appreciate your effort.

What is the local cuisine in Acapulco?

The local cuisine in Acapulco is a mix of traditional Mexican dishes with some coastal influences. Seafood is particularly popular and is served in many local restaurants. Some of the most famous dishes in Acapulco include shrimp cocktails, ceviche, fish tacos, and pozole. Remember to try the local tequila, which is a must when in Mexico.

What is the transportation like in Acapulco?

The transportation system in Acapulco is reliable and convenient. The most common mode of transportation is the taxi, which can be hailed on the street or through a taxi app. Most taxis in Acapulco do not have meters, so it’s recommended to agree on a fare before getting in.Another option is the public transport system, which involves buses and colectivos. These are cheaper than taxis but can be crowded and uncomfortable, especially during peak hours.

What are some helpful tips for traveling to Acapulco?

– Drink bottled water to avoid getting sick.

– Wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the strong sun.

– Take a beach bag or a dry bag to keep your belongings safe and dry.

– Be respectful of local customs and traditions.

– Be aware of your surroundings and take basic safety precautions.

How to Spend Your Time as a Tourist in Acapulco

Acapulco is a popular tourist destination located in Guerrero, Mexico. This city provides an incredible experience for all visitors, but only when you know the right places to visit and the right things to do. In this guide, we will provide you with an amazing combination of experiences that you can pursue to make your stay in Acapulco more enjoyable and memorable. Let’s get started.

1. Visit the La Quebrada Cliff Divers

The La Quebrada Cliff Divers are the #1 tourist attraction in Acapulco, and for a good reason. The cliff divers perform incredible stunts, diving from cliffs that are around 136 feet high into the Pacific Ocean. You can see the divers take the plunge every day from 1 pm to 7 pm. Beforehand, you can also enjoy a nice meal at the restaurant right next to the cliffs.

2. Relax on the Beaches

There are a lot of beaches in Acapulco, but some stand out from the rest, including Playa Caleta, Playa La Condesa, and Playa de Hornos. Here you can enjoy a swim in the ocean, rent a jet ski or take a banana boat ride. If you like something more peaceful, you can go snorkeling or just relax on the beach and get a tan.

3. Watch or Participate in the Lucha Libre Wrestling

If you’re looking for something different to do in the evening, you can check out the Lucha Libre wrestling that takes place every Wednesday and Saturday night in Acapulco. You can watch the show from the sidelines, but if you want to get in on the action, you can also participate in amateur fights.

4. Explore the Historical Old Town of Acapulco

The Old Town of Acapulco is rich in Mexican history, and it showcases the blend of Spanish and Indian cultures. Here you can visit the Fort of San Diego, built in the 18th century, where there is a brilliant museum with a vast collection of artifacts that offer insight into the history of Acapulco. You can also visit the Parque Papagayo, a famous park that is always buzzing with people and activity, especially on the weekends.

5. Take a Day Trip to Isla de La Roqueta

Isla de La Roqueta is a breathtakingly beautiful island located off the coast of Acapulco. Here you can swim or snorkel in the sparkling water, hike and explore the island or just relax and enjoy the sun on the beach. You can get here by taking a short water taxi ride from Playa Caleta beach.

6. Visit the Amazing CICI Water Park

CICI water park is a perfect place for people of all ages. It provides all sorts of rides and entertainment in the water, giving you incredible memories to take back home. You can experience thrilling slides, a lazy river, a wave pool, and a designated area for the little ones. There are bathrooms and restaurants available on site.

7. Enjoy the Thrilling Adventure at Xtasea Zip Line

If you’re a fan of adrenaline-pumping activities, you should try out the Xtasea Zip Line at Acapulco. The zip line is over a mile long, and it provides a breathtaking view of the Acapulco Bay as you glide over the lush tropical forest. You can also try out the bungee jumping, parachuting, or getting on a hanging roller coaster.

8. Learn to Surf at the Acapulco Surf School

If surfing is a hobby you’re interested in or you want to learn a new water sport, you should take lessons at the Acapulco Surf School. The school has professional and experienced trainers that will help you learn the art of surfing. And if you want to buy a board or any surfing equipment, you can check out the shops nearby.

9. Shop at the Local Markets

If you want a sense of Mexican culture and you love shopping, you can visit the Acapulco Markets that are located throughout the city. Here you will find a variety of jewelry, souvenirs, clothes, and Mexican cuisine. The most famous market places are Mercado Central, Mercado de Artesanias, and the Flea Market.

10. Try the Authentic Mexican Cuisine at the Best Restaurants in Town

With so many amazing things to do in Acapulco, you will get hungry for sure, and the good news is that the city is packed with an array of authentic Mexican restaurants that will satisfy your taste buds. From traditional street food to luxurious dine-in restaurants, you’ll find everything that you want. If you want to try something new, ask the locals for recommendations.

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Visiting Acapulco can be an experience of a lifetime. The city has so much to offer to tourists, which makes it a perfect vacation destination. From cliff diving to shopping at local markets to trying out new cuisines, there’s something for everyone here. But you have to plan accordingly to make sure you get the maximum experience out of your trip. Use this guide to plan and make the most out of your trip to Acapulco, and you will not be disappointed.

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