The 2 Must Visit Museums in Stuttgart

Stuttgart is a city rich in culture, history, and diverse experiences. One of the best ways to uncover this city’s fascinating past and present is by visiting its numerous museums. From world-renowned art galleries to interactive exhibits on cars and technology, there’s something for everyone in Stuttgart’s museum scene. In this post, we’ll explore some of the best museums in Stuttgart that are sure to inspire, educate, and leave a lasting impression on your visit to this vibrant city. So, let’s dive in and discover the museums that should be at the top of your list.

The 2 Must Visit Museums in Stuttgart

  1. Stuttgart Museum of Illusions Admission Ticket
  2. Stuttgart: Museum of Illusions Entry Ticket

The 2 Must Visit Museums in Stuttgart

1. Stuttgart Museum of Illusions Admission Ticket

Explore a world of optical illusions and mind-bending experiences at the Museum of Illusions in Stuttgart. With this admission ticket, you can immerse yourself in a variety of interactive exhibits that challenge your perceptions of reality. Enter the Mirror Room and watch as your reflection becomes distorted beyond recognition, or step into the Vortex Tunnel and feel your sense of balance shift and sway. Admire holograms up close and discover how our eyes can see things that our brains can’t comprehend. This is a perfect activity for families and friends to enjoy together, as you’ll be able to take fascinating and wacky photos while striking funny poses. Additionally, you’ll learn about the scientific principles behind optical illusions and how they’re created. With this admission ticket, you’ll have access to a world of fantastical experiences that will take your breath away. Transportation, food, and drinks are not included with this ticket.

2. Stuttgart: Museum of Illusions Entry Ticket

Explore a world of illusions and visual sensations at the Museum of Illusions in Stuttgart. With this entry ticket, delight in an interactive and educational museum experience as you discover how illusions are created and perceived. From the Anti-Gravity Room to the Clone Table, you’ll have the chance to try a handful of new and unexplored illusions. Be brave enough to enter the Vortex Tunnel, a rotating cylinder that will make you feel like you’re losing your balance. Warp your reflection in the Mirror Room and get lost in the vast Infinity Room. Take fascinating and distorted mirror photos, strike funny poses, and learn how our eyes see things that are incomprehensible to the brain. This is the perfect activity for friends and family alike. The entry ticket includes transportation and does not include food and drinks. Don’t miss the chance to explore the fascinating science behind illusions at the Museum of Illusions.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions about the Museums of Stuttgart

Stuttgart, the capital city of the state of Baden-Württemberg in Southern Germany, is home to a diverse range of museums that showcase the city’s rich history, culture, and art. If you’re planning to visit the museums of Stuttgart, you may have some questions. In this blog post, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the museums of Stuttgart.

1. Which are the must-visit museums in Stuttgart?

Stuttgart has over 20 museums, each with its own unique theme and displays. Here are some of our top recommendations:

  • The Mercedes-Benz Museum
  • The Porsche Museum
  • The State Gallery of Stuttgart
  • The Stuttgart Art Museum
  • The Natural History Museum

2. What is the best way to plan a museum visit in Stuttgart?

The best way to plan a museum visit in Stuttgart is to decide which museums you want to visit first. Check their websites for opening hours and admission prices. Some museums in Stuttgart are closed on certain days of the week, so it’s important to plan ahead. You can also buy combination tickets for multiple museums at a discounted price.

3. Are there any free museums in Stuttgart?

Yes, some museums in Stuttgart offer free admission on certain days of the week or for certain exhibits. For example, the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart offers free admission for its permanent collection every Wednesday. The Stuttgart Art Museum offers free admission on the first Sunday of each month. The Natural History Museum offers free admission for children under the age of 6.

4. Is there an audio guide available in museums in Stuttgart?

Yes, most museums in Stuttgart offer audio guides in multiple languages for visitors. The audio guides provide a detailed explanation of the exhibits and displays, and can enhance your museum experience.

5. Can I take photos in the museums of Stuttgart?

Most museums in Stuttgart allow photography, but some may have restrictions on flash photography or tripod use. It’s always a good idea to check with the museum staff or signage before taking any photographs.

6. Are the museums of Stuttgart wheelchair accessible?

Yes, most museums in Stuttgart are wheelchair accessible. They have ramps or elevators for visitors with disabilities. You can check their websites or contact them directly for more information.

7. Can I bring food or drinks into the museums of Stuttgart?

Most museums in Stuttgart do not allow food or drinks inside the exhibition areas. However, many have cafes or restaurants on-site where you can enjoy food and drinks.

8. What are the opening hours of the museums of Stuttgart?

The opening hours of the museums in Stuttgart vary from museum to museum. Some museums are closed on Mondays or Tuesdays while others are open daily. The typical opening hours are from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. It’s always a good idea to check the museum’s website before visiting for up-to-date opening times.

9. Do I need to book tickets in advance?

This depends on the museum and the time of year. Some museums in Stuttgart are very popular and attract a lot of visitors, so it’s a good idea to book your tickets in advance to avoid long queues.

10. Are the museums of Stuttgart child-friendly?

Yes, most museums in Stuttgart have special exhibitions and programs for children. They have interactive exhibits and displays that are designed to educate and entertain children. Some museums also offer children’s workshops and guided tours. In conclusion, the museums of Stuttgart are a must-visit for anyone interested in history, culture, and art. With a diverse range of museums and exhibits, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Plan ahead, check the museum websites, and make the most of your museum visit in Stuttgart.

How to Find the Best Museums in Stuttgart

Stuttgart is an incredible city with a rich cultural history. Visitors to the city can learn a lot about the region’s heritage by exploring its many museums. But with so many options available, how do you know which museums to visit? In this post, we will guide you through the process of finding the best museums in Stuttgart.

Step 1: Identify Your Interests

Before you begin your search for the best museums in Stuttgart, it’s important to identify your interests. Are you interested in art, history, or technology? Knowing what you want to learn about will help narrow down your options and ensure that you visit the museums that are most relevant to your interests.

Step 2: Research Museums Online

The internet is a great resource for researching museums in Stuttgart. Start by searching for “museums in Stuttgart” or “best museums in Stuttgart” on a search engine. You’ll find a variety of websites that list museums in the city and provide information about each one.One website to check out is the official Stuttgart tourism website, which has an extensive list of museums and attractions throughout the city. You can also use TripAdvisor to read reviews from other visitors who have been to the museums you’re interested in.

Step 3: Utilize Social Media

Social media can be a great resource for finding the best museums in Stuttgart. Follow the social media accounts of museums that interest you to get a glimpse of their upcoming exhibits, events, and other activities. You can also search for hashtags like #Stuttgartmuseums on Instagram and Twitter to find posts and photos about museums in the city.

Step 4: Ask for Recommendations

If you have friends or family members who have visited Stuttgart, ask them for recommendations. They may have visited museums that you haven’t heard of, or they may have valuable insights about the museums you’re interested in.You can also ask for recommendations on travel forums like TripAdvisor or Lonely Planet. These forums allow you to ask questions and get answers from other travelers who have been to Stuttgart.

Step 5: Visit the Museums

Once you’ve identified the museums you want to visit, it’s time to plan your trip. Look up the hours, admission fees, and any special events or exhibits that may be happening while you’re in town. Make a list of the museums you want to visit and the order in which you want to visit them.

Types of Museums in Stuttgart

Stuttgart has a variety of museums that cater to different interests. Here are some of the most popular types of museums in the city:
1. Art Museums
Stuttgart has several art museums that showcase a range of works from contemporary to classical art. The Staatsgalerie Stuttgart is one of the most popular art museums in the city, featuring a collection of paintings and sculptures from the 14th century to modern times.
2. History Museums
History buffs will enjoy exploring the many history museums in Stuttgart. The Landesmuseum Württemberg is a must-visit, showcasing the history and culture of the region through exhibits, artifacts, and interactive displays.
3. Technology Museums
If you’re interested in technology, Stuttgart has several museums that will pique your interest. The Mercedes-Benz Museum is a top-rated attraction, showcasing the history of the famous German automaker through exhibits and interactive displays.
4. Natural History Museums
The State Museum of Natural History is a great place to explore the natural history of Stuttgart and the surrounding area. Exhibits include displays on geology, paleontology, and wildlife.

Tips for Visiting Museums in Stuttgart

Here are a few tips to make your museum visits in Stuttgart as enjoyable as possible:

  • Plan ahead: Look up museum hours, admission fees, and special events ahead of time to avoid any surprises when you arrive.
  • Get audio guides: Many museums offer audio guides that provide more information about the exhibits.
  • Check for discounts: Some museums offer discounts for students, seniors, or groups.
  • Be respectful: Remember to follow the rules of the museum, such as not touching exhibits and keeping your voice down.
  • Take your time: Don’t rush through the museum exhibits. Take your time to appreciate the pieces on display.


Finding the best museums in Stuttgart is a matter of identifying your interests, doing research online and on social media, asking for recommendations, and planning your trip. Once you arrive in Stuttgart, be sure to visit the museums that cater to your interests and make the most of your time in this culturally rich city.

The 2 Must Visit Museums in Stuttgart