The 2 Best Museums in Hobart

Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania, is known for its rich history and cultural heritage. With numerous museums and galleries scattered throughout the city, it can be overwhelming to decide where to start. This post will guide you through the best museum visits in Hobart, providing you with an insight into the city’s art, science, and cultural treasures. From ancient artifacts to contemporary art, there is something for everyone in Hobart’s museums. So put on your walking shoes and get ready to explore the best of Hobart’s museums.

The 2 Best Museums in Hobart

  1. Hobart City Sightseeing Tour Including Mona Ticket
  2. Hobart Day Trip to Mt Wellington Mona Entry and Ferry Ride

The 2 Best Museums in Hobart

1. Hobart City Sightseeing Tour Including Mona Ticket

Enjoy a full-day Hobart city sightseeing tour that takes you to some of the most iconic landmarks in Tasmania’s capital city. Join a converted coach tram tour and discover the history and culture of Hobart with a local guide. This 3-hour sightseeing tour takes you through 40 of Hobart’s historical sites, including Sullivan’s Cove, Parliament House, Salamanca Place, Princes Park, Battery Point and much more. You’ll also visit the Cascade Brewery and Cascade Gardens and the Female Factory. In the afternoon, explore the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) with your entry ticket and ferry back to Hobart. This intriguing museum showcases ancient, modern and provocative art and architecture that is sure to spark curiosity and discussion. Book this tour for a fun and informative day out in Hobart with plenty of sightseeing, history and culture on offer.

2. Hobart Day Trip to Mt Wellington Mona Entry and Ferry Ride

Join a guided day trip from Hobart to experience the beauty of Mt Wellington’s alpine environment and visit the fascinating Museum of Old and New Art (MONA). You’ll take a ferry along the Derwent River and have the opportunity to marvel at MONA’s striking architecture from the water. With the use of ‘The O’ handheld touchscreen, you’ll explore the museum’s various exhibits and listen to interviews with the artists. Don’t miss the chance to go on a journey of rival contemplations and emotional roller coasters at MONA and witness the stunning panorama of Hobart city and surrounding suburbs from the summit of Mt Wellington. This museums visit includes a tour guide, entry to MONA, a return MONA ferry ticket, and food and drink are available for purchase on the ferry. Don’t forget to tip your guide for a memorable experience.

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions by Tourists about Hobart

Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania, is a vibrant and beautiful city that attracts tourists from all over the world. If you are planning a trip to Hobart, you may have some questions about the city. Here are the top 10 frequently asked questions by tourists about Hobart:

1. What is the best time to visit Hobart?

The best time to visit Hobart is in the summer months from December to February when the weather is warm and dry. The temperature during this time ranges from 12°C to 21°C. However, the autumn months from March to May are also a good time to visit as the weather is mild and the landscape is colorful.

2. What are the must-visit tourist attractions in Hobart?

Hobart has a lot of tourist attractions that are worth visiting. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • Salamanca Market
  • MONA (Museum of Old and New Art)
  • Mount Wellington
  • Battery Point
  • Cascade Brewery
  • Richmond Bridge
  • Port Arthur Historic Site
  • Hobart Waterfront
  • Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery
  • Bruny Island

3. What are the best places to eat in Hobart?

Hobart is famous for its fresh seafood, and there are many restaurants that serve delicious food. Some of the best places to eat in Hobart are:

  • The Drunken Admiral
  • Franklin
  • Ettie’s
  • Templo
  • The Source
  • Cargo
  • Peacock and Jones
  • Daci and Daci Bakers

4. What is the best way to get around Hobart?

The best way to get around Hobart is by car or by public transport. There is a good public transport system that includes buses and ferries. You can also rent a car from the airport or the city center.

5. What is the weather like in Hobart?

The weather in Hobart is mild and temperate. The average temperature in the summer months is 21°C, and in the winter months, it is 12°C. It can be windy and rainy at times, so it’s a good idea to pack warm clothing and rain gear.

6. What is the cost of living in Hobart?

Hobart is a relatively affordable city to live in compared to other capital cities in Australia. The cost of living varies depending on your lifestyle, but you can expect to spend around AUD $2,500- $3,000 per month on accommodation, food, and transportation.

7. What are the outdoor activities to do in Hobart?

Hobart has a lot of outdoor activities that you can do. Some of the popular ones include:

  • Hiking up Mount Wellington
  • Visit the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens
  • Go kayaking on the Derwent River
  • Take a cruise to Bruny Island
  • Visit the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Take a bike ride along the Hobart Waterfront
  • Take a walk around the Battery Point

8. What is the nightlife like in Hobart?

Hobart has a lively nightlife, even though it is a small city. There are many bars, pubs, and clubs that you can visit. Some of the popular ones include:

  • Irish Murphy’s
  • The Whaler
  • The Brunswick Hotel
  • The Winston
  • Preachers
  • The Homestead
  • Observatory Bar at the Henry Jones Art Hotel

9. What is the currency used in Hobart?

The currency used in Hobart is the Australian Dollar (AUD).

10. Is it safe to travel to Hobart?

Yes, Hobart is a safe city to travel to. However, like any other city, it’s always a good idea to take some precautions to stay safe. Be aware of your surroundings, keep your valuables in a safe place, and stay away from any areas that are known to be unsafe.

How to Spend Your Time as a Tourist in Hobart

Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania, is a beautiful destination with a rich history, stunning landscapes, and a unique culture. It is a perfect place for tourists who want to experience the best of both worlds – nature and urban life. If you are planning a trip to Hobart, here’s a guide on how to spend your time in this fantastic city.

1. Explore the Salamanca Market

The Salamanca Market is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hobart. It is a vibrant outdoor market located in the historic Salamanca Place, where you can find a wide range of locally made products such as artisanal crafts, jewelry, and fresh produce. The market is open every Saturday from 8 am to 3 pm, and it’s an excellent place to start your day. You can also explore the surrounding area, which is filled with cafes, restaurants, and art galleries.

2. Visit the MONA Museum

The Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) is a must-visit attraction in Hobart. It is a world-class museum that showcases contemporary and modern art from all over the world. The museum is located on the Derwent River and is accessible by ferry, which adds to the whole experience. MONA has a vast collection that includes interactive artworks, installations, and sculptures. It’s a perfect place for art enthusiasts and anyone who loves exploring new things.

3. Go Hiking in Mount Wellington

Mount Wellington is an iconic landmark in Hobart. It’s a mountain that towers over the city and offers breathtaking views of the surroundings. You can take a short drive or hop on a bus to reach the top of the mountain, where you can see panoramic views of Hobart and beyond. There are also hiking trails that range from easy to advanced, so you can choose one that suits your fitness level. Don’t forget to bring your camera, as this is one of the best places to take photos in Hobart.

4. Visit the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

If you love nature and want to relax, head to the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens. It’s a serene and peaceful place where you can walk through the lush greenery and see various plant species from around the world. The gardens are open every day from 8 am to dusk, and there is no admission fee, making it an affordable activity. You can also bring a picnic and enjoy a lovely afternoon in the gardens.

5. Take a Food Tour

Hobart is known for its delicious and fresh seafood, fine restaurants, and quaint cafes. If you’re a foodie or just want to experience the local culinary scene, take a food tour. You can explore the city’s best eateries, taste artisanal chocolates, cheese, and wine, and learn about the city’s food culture from a knowledgeable guide. It’s a fabulous way to spend an afternoon or evening and to discover new flavors and aromas.

6. Visit the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery is another must-visit attraction in Hobart. It’s a complex that showcases Tasmania’s art, history, and culture. You can see exhibitions on indigenous culture, convicts, maritime history, and natural science. The museum is open from 10 am to 4 pm every day, and admission is free. If you’re a history buff, don’t miss this place.

7. Take a Walk in Battery Point

Battery Point is a charming and historical area located just south of Salamanca Place. It’s a place where you can see beautiful Georgian-style houses, quaint streets, and lovely gardens. It’s a fabulous place to take a walk and explore the old-world charm of Hobart. You can also visit the Narryna Heritage Museum, which showcases 19th-century life in Hobart.

8. Attend the Dark Mofo Festival

If you’re visiting Hobart in June, don’t miss the Dark Mofo Festival. It’s a winter arts and cultural festival that features music, art, theater, and food. The festival is held annually and attracts visitors from all over the world. You can see exhibitions on contemporary art, attend concerts, watch films, and taste delicious winter dishes. It’s a unique and exciting way to experience Hobart’s culture.


Hobart is a fantastic city that offers a wide range of activities for tourists. From exploring the Salamanca Market to hiking Mount Wellington, visiting the MONA Museum, and attending the Dark Mofo Festival, there’s something for everyone. With this guide, you can plan your trip and make the most of your time in this charming city. Don’t forget to take your camera, sunscreen, and an open mind, and explore the best of Hobart.

The 2 Best Museums in Hobart