The 3 Most Interesting Museums in Zurich

Zurich is a city that is rich in history, culture, and art. With so many museums to choose from, you might feel overwhelmed when trying to decide where to start. Luckily, we’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of the best museums in Zurich. From art to science, history to technology, these museums offer something for everyone. Join us as we take a tour through some of Zurich’s most fascinating and educational institutions.

The 3 Most Interesting Museums in Zurich

  1. Zurich Fifa Museum Entry Ticket
  2. Zurich: Lindt Home of Chocolate Museum Entry Ticket
  3. Zurich: FIFA Museum Entry Ticket

The 3 Most Interesting Museums in Zurich

1. Zurich Fifa Museum Entry Ticket

The FIFA Museum is a must-visit when in Zurich. With this entry ticket, you will be able to immerse yourself in the fascinating history of international football. Marvel at the over 1000 exhibits, including the original FIFA World CupTM Trophy and the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup ball from the final in Vancouver. You can even kick some footballs at the giant pinball machine! The museum displays photos that date back to the late 1800s, providing an extensive insight into the development of football throughout history. Please note that this visit is not suitable for wheelchair users. The ticket includes entry to the museum, but food and drinks are not provided.

2. Zurich: Lindt Home of Chocolate Museum Entry Ticket

Visit the Lindt Home of Chocolate Museum in Zurich to discover the fascinating history and production process of chocolate. With an audio guide, explore the multimedia exhibitions and learn about the journey cocoa takes from bean to bar. Marvel at the 9-meter high chocolate fountain in the entrance hall and taste a variety of chocolate delicacies in the tasting room. This museum entrance ticket includes a chocolate tasting, making it the perfect experience for chocolate lovers.

3. Zurich: FIFA Museum Entry Ticket

Visiting the FIFA Museum is a must-do activity for any football enthusiast. The museum boasts over 1000 exhibits spread over three floors, showcasing the rich history of international football. You’ll be amazed by the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup ball used in the final held in Vancouver, and you’ll get to admire the original FIFA World CupTM Trophy. Be sure to kick some footballs at the giant pinball machine, and don’t miss the photos on display that date as far back as the late 1800s. Unfortunately, the museum isn’t wheelchair accessible. This entry ticket includes access to the museum and doesn’t cover food and drinks. Grab an entry ticket now and embark on a beautiful football journey that will leave you in awe.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Museums in Zurich

Zurich offers a vast range of museums to its visitors, each offering a unique and engaging experience. However, with so many museums to choose from, it’s natural to have questions about which ones to visit and what to expect. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about museums in Zurich.

What are the most popular museums in Zurich?

Zurich has some of the most popular and unique museums in Europe. The most popular museums in Zurich are:

  • Swiss National Museum
  • Kunsthaus Zurich
  • Rietberg Museum
  • Zurich Zoo
  • Foundation E.G. Bührle Collection
  • Museum of Design

What are the opening hours of museums in Zurich?

Most museums in Zurich are closed on Mondays, and open from Tuesday to Sunday. However, opening hours will vary depending on the museum. Generally speaking, museums in Zurich open their doors to visitors around 10:00 AM, while the closing time is around 5:00 PM. Some museums may have extended opening hours during special events or exhibitions, so it’s always best to check their official websites for the latest information.

What is the entrance fee of museums in Zurich?

The entrance fees of museums in Zurich depend on the museum and the exhibitions they offer. Some museums offer free admission, while others charge a fee, and the amount can range from CHF 10 to CHF 30. However, most museums offer discounted rates for students, children, and seniors. Some museums also have special discounts for groups or families, so it’s always best to check the official website of the museum for more information.

Are there any free museums in Zurich?

Yes, there are several free museums in Zurich. They include:

  • Botanical Garden Zurich
  • Church of Our Lady
  • Money Museum of the Swiss National Bank
  • Sweet Museum Zurich Confectionery

What should I know before visiting museums in Zurich?

Before visiting a museum in Zurich, keep the following things in mind:

  • Bring your ID or passport, especially if you would like to apply for student or senior discounts.
  • Do not touch the exhibits or displays without permission.
  • Do not use flash photography unless permitted.
  • Some museums do not allow backpacks or large bags, so always check their official website for more information.
  • Bring comfortable shoes and clothing as you may need to do a lot of walking and standing.

What is the best time to visit museums in Zurich?

The best time to visit museums in Zurich is during the off-peak season, which is from November to March. During this time, museums are less crowded, and there are fewer queues. The temperature in Zurich during winter may be cold, but most museums are heated, making it a pleasant indoor activity to do.

What is the best way to get to museums in Zurich?

Zurich has a well-developed public transportation system, which makes getting around the city easy and convenient. The best way to get to museums in Zurich is by public transport such as buses, trains, or trams. Most museums are located within walking distance of a tram or bus stop. Visitors can also use taxis, bikes or private cars to get around the city, but keep in mind that parking can be difficult and expensive in some areas.

Can I take my kids to museums in Zurich?

Yes, most museums in Zurich are family-friendly, and there are many exhibits and displays that cater to children. Some museums have dedicated areas for children, including interactive displays, workshops, and games. Some museums also offer special children’s tours, making the experience even more fun and engaging.

Can I take photographs inside museums in Zurich?

Photography and video recording are generally allowed inside museums in Zurich. However, there may be some restrictions depending on the museum and the exhibit. Visitors are advised to check with the museum staff for more information before taking any photographs or recordings.

What languages are available for guided tours inside museums in Zurich?

Museums in Zurich offer guided tours in several languages, including English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish. Visitors are advised to check the museum’s official website for more information on guided tours and the languages they offer.

How to find the best museums in Zurich

Zurich, a beautiful Swiss city, has plenty of museums to offer. From contemporary art to science and history, the city has a rich cultural heritage worth exploring. However, with so many museums to choose from, it can be challenging to decide which ones to visit. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to find the best museums in Zurich.

Step 1: Decide what type of museum you want to visit

The first step is to decide what kind of museum you’re interested in visiting. As mentioned earlier, Zurich has plenty of museums that cater to different interests. Do you want to explore contemporary art, or do you prefer museums with a focus on history or science? Once you’ve determined your interests, you can narrow down your search to museums that match your preferences.

Step 2: Research online

Once you know what type of museum you want to visit, the next step is to research. The internet is your best friend when it comes to finding information about museums in Zurich. You can use search engines or travel websites to discover a list of museums in Zurich. You can also check out the websites of various museums to learn more about their offerings. Most websites have a lot of information including location, hours of operation, admission fees, and upcoming exhibitions.

Step 3: Read reviews and ratings

Reviews and ratings can give you an idea of what to expect when visiting a museum. You can check out sites like TripAdvisor, Google Reviews, or Yelp to read reviews from past visitors. It’s essential to consider both positive and negative reviews to get a well-rounded view. Keep in mind that everyone’s experience may differ, so you should read multiple reviews before making a decision.

Step 4: Ask locals for recommendations

Sometimes the best way to find a hidden gem is to ask the locals. They know their city well and can give you first-hand knowledge about the museums in the area. You can ask your hotel concierge or tourist information center to recommend museums that would be of interest. You can also ask locals you meet during your visit. They may have unique recommendations that you may not have found online.

Step 5: Check out free museum options

Many museums in Zurich offer free admission on certain days or times. You can take advantage of these offerings to save some money and explore the museums. Some museums always offer free admission, so be sure to check them out as well. You can find information about free days on museum websites or by contacting the museum.

Step 6: Plan your visit

Once you’ve decided which museums are worth visiting, it’s time to plan your trip. You should consider the opening and closing times of the museums, admission fees, location, and the time it takes to explore the museum. Some museums have long queues and require advanced ticket purchases, so be sure to check ahead of time. It’s best to create an itinerary to make the most of your time in the city.

Step 7: Enjoy your visit

Zurich has plenty to offer to art and culture enthusiasts. Make the most of your visit to the museums by taking your time to explore and enjoy the exhibits. Don’t forget to take pictures or buy souvenirs to remember your trip.


Zurich has a wide range of museums to suit different interests. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you’ll be able to find the best museums in Zurich and have an enjoyable experience. Remember to do your research and plan your visit well in advance. With a little bit of effort, you can have a memorable trip exploring the rich cultural heritage of Zurich.

The 3 Most Interesting Museums in Zurich