How to Plan Your Whale & Dolphin Watching Boat Tour from Los Cristianos

Discover the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean on this Bahriyeli boat tour from Los Cristianos Harbor. You won’t have to worry about missing a whale or dolphin sighting as you embark on this unforgettable adventure. Plan your trip to experience marine life up close and personal.

1. Research and Choose a Reliable Tour Operator

It’s crucial to select a reputable tour operator to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Look for companies with positive customer reviews, extensive knowledge of marine wildlife, and a commitment to conservation. One recommended tour operator for this excursion is Bahriyeli, known for its experienced crew and respect for marine animals.

2. Check Availability and Book in Advance

Whale and dolphin watching tours can be popular, so it’s advisable to check availability and book your tour in advance. Visit the official website of Bahriyeli or access their Viator page: Book Your Tour Online. Secure your spot to avoid disappointment and ensure you have the opportunity to witness these magnificent creatures.

3. Check Tour Duration and Departure Times

Consider the duration of the tour and the available departure times. The whale and dolphin watching boat tour usually lasts around 3 hours. Check the schedule to find a departure time that suits you best. Remember to show up at least 15 minutes before the designated departure time to complete any necessary check-in procedures.

4. Pack the Essentials

Before heading out, make sure you have the necessary items for a comfortable and enjoyable trip:

  • Sunscreen: Protect your skin from the sun’s rays.
  • Water: Stay hydrated throughout the tour.
  • Camera or Binoculars: Capture or observe the stunning marine wildlife.
  • Comfortable Clothing: Dress in layers and choose clothing appropriate for the weather.
  • Sunglasses and Hat: Shield your eyes and face from the sun.
  • Seasickness Medication: If you’re susceptible to motion sickness, consult your doctor or pharmacist for appropriate remedies.

5. Arrive at Los Cristianos Harbor

Make your way to Los Cristianos Harbor, the starting point of the boat tour. Plan your transportation accordingly, allowing enough time to find parking or arrive via public transportation. Remember to keep your booking confirmation or ticket handy as you may need to present it when checking in.

6. Listen to Safety Instructions

Prior to boarding, pay close attention to the safety instructions provided by the crew. They will inform you about emergency procedures, life jacket locations, and general rules of conduct. Your safety is their utmost priority, so adhere to their guidance throughout the tour.

7. Enjoy the Whale & Dolphin Watching Experience

Once on board, find a comfortable spot on the boat’s deck or lookout points designated by the crew. Enjoy the scenic views of the Atlantic Ocean as you cruise along in search of whales and dolphins. Listen to the knowledgeable crew members as they provide information about the marine animals spotted during the tour.

8. Preserve the Ocean and its Inhabitants

Show respect for marine life and the environment. Follow the guidelines provided by the crew to ensure minimal disturbance to the animals and their natural habitat. Do not litter and avoid using single-use plastics. By acting responsibly, you help protect these incredible creatures for future generations to enjoy.

9. Share Your Experience

After the tour, share your experience and photos with family and friends. Spread awareness about the importance of marine conservation and responsible tourism. Leave reviews on platforms such as TripAdvisor to help others planning their whale and dolphin watching adventures.


Planning a whale and dolphin watching boat tour from Los Cristianos is an extraordinary experience that allows you to witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. Follow these steps to ensure a well-prepared and unforgettable trip. Book your tour online now to secure your place and embark on a journey you will cherish forever!

How to Plan Your Whale & Dolphin Watching Boat Tour from Los Cristianos