How to Plan Your Volcanic Pools and Northwest 4WD Full Day Tour in Funchal

How to Plan Your Volcanic Pools and Northwest 4WD Full Day Tour in Funchal

If you are visiting Funchal and are looking for an adventurous and exciting way to explore the natural beauty of Madeira’s northwest coast, then the Volcanic Pools and Northwest 4WD Full Day Tour is just for you. This guided tour is packed with adventure and will take you through the magnificent volcanic lava pools, cliffs, and waterfalls in the area. In this guide, we will show you how to plan your tour, including what to expect and what’s included.


The Volcanic Pools and Northwest 4WD Full Day Tour is a perfect way to explore the natural beauty of Madeira’s wild northwest in just one day. This shore excursion from Funchal is specifically designed to take you to some of the top natural attractions in the area, making the most of your day at the port with a fun and active outing. This small-group tour is limited to eight people, ensuring that you have a personalized experience and maximizing the interaction between you and your guide.

What to Expect

The tour starts at 8:30 AM, and you will be picked up from your hotel in Funchal. The guide will provide you with some background information about the natural attractions you are about to visit, so you can have a better understanding of the region’s natural history. The first stop on the tour the Serra de Agua, which is a stunning countryside area of Madeira. Here, you can witness breathtaking views of the island’s interior and the northern coastline. The guide will showcase this magnificent view by making a photo stop, where you will have the opportunity to take some spectacular shots. The second stop is Estrada das Ginjas, a scenic route that zigzags through the mountains, with breathtaking views of the valleys, hills and the sea. The route follows the coastline and takes you through a small village named Porto do Moniz. The guide will explain the local way of life and help you get to know the town while making a quick stop for coffee or refreshments. The third stop is an absolute highlight of the tour, Porto Moniz Natural Swimming Pools. These volcanic rock pools have been made by nature, forming a beautiful place for people to relax and enjoy the views of the Atlantic Ocean. You can swim in these crystal-clear waters and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds you. The fourth stop is the Fanal Forest, one of the most magical and enchanting parts of the Laurissilva Forest. You will be amazed by the fairytale-like views of the foliage covered with mist and the ancient laurel trees. The last stop on the tour is Ribeira da Janela, where you will see the tidal pools, set in the midst of a beautiful bay. The guide will show you everything and give insight into the local way of life in the area.

What’s Included

The tour includes a well-trained driver-guide, who takes you to all the beautiful spots in the area. You will have free bottled water throughout the tour, ensuring you are well hydrated. What’s more is that there are no hidden charges to worry about as tax and fuel surcharges are included in the one-time payment, that you’ll pay online. And if good service is something important to you, you can rest assured, as you don’t need to worry about leaving a tip as gratuities are included too.

Booking Your Tour

To book your Volcanic Pools and Northwest 4WD Full Day Tour, simply follow the link to Viator’s website where you can conveniently enter the date you would like the tour to be scheduled. The website also shows the tour’s availability, so you can easily pick a date that works best for you. All payments and confirmations will be done online. Bookings should be made at least two days in advance. You won’t regret taking this tour, and booking it is easy, just book it here through Viator.

Additional Information

Confirmation of your booking will be received online, the moment the payment is done. If you need one, the driver will provide an infant seat for families with young children. This trip is not recommended for wheelchair users. For any other requirements, you can get in touch with the support team of Viator easily. In conclusion, if you want to explore the beautiful northwest of Madeira in just one day and enjoy a memorable, exciting experience, then booking the Volcanic Pools and Northwest 4WD Full Day Tour is an absolute must-do. We hope this guide has been helpful in planning your tour and can’t wait for you to experience it.

Funchal FAQ: All Your Questions Answered

Funchal is the capital city of the Madeira Islands, an autonomous region of Portugal. It is known for its breathtaking scenery, historical landmarks, traditional cuisine, and subtropical climate. In this Funchal FAQ, we answer some common questions about this enchanting city.

1. What is the best time to visit Funchal?

Funchal is an all-year-round destination, as it has a mild climate with temperatures ranging from 16°C (60°F) to 25°C (77°F) in the summer months. However, the best time to visit Funchal depends on the type of experience you want: – Spring (March to May) is ideal for nature walks, as the flowers are in full bloom. – Summer (June to August) is perfect for beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts. – Autumn (September to November) is a great time to visit for wine tastings and cultural events. – Winter (December to February) is the peak season for Christmas and New Year celebrations, as well as whale watching.

2. What are the must-see attractions in Funchal?

Funchal has many attractions to choose from, but some of the must-see ones are: – Monte Palace Tropical Garden: This stunning botanical garden is home to exotic plants, waterfalls, and sculptures. – Funchal Cathedral: This 15th-century cathedral is a fine example of Gothic architecture and houses remarkable works of art. – Madeira Story Centre: Learn about the history and culture of Madeira Island through interactive exhibits and multimedia displays. – Mercado dos Lavradores: This colorful market is a feast for the senses, selling fresh fruits, flowers, and local crafts. – Cable Car Ride: Take a scenic ride from Funchal to Monte and enjoy panoramic views of the city and the Atlantic Ocean.

3. What are some traditional dishes to try in Funchal?

Funchal has a rich culinary scene, with many dishes and ingredients unique to Madeira Island. Some of the traditional dishes to try in Funchal are: – Espetada: Skewered meat (usually beef) cooked over an open flame and seasoned with garlic and bay leaves. – Black Scabbardfish: A long, deep-sea fish found in Madeira waters, usually served with banana and passion fruit sauce. – Bolo do Caco: A flatbread made with sweet potato and garlic butter, often served as a side dish. – Poncha: A popular alcoholic drink made with sugar cane rum, honey, and lemon juice.

4. How do I get around Funchal?

Funchal has a good public transportation system, including buses and taxis. The city center is compact and walkable, but some of the attractions are located on steep hills, so comfortable shoes are recommended. Another fun way to explore Funchal is by taking a hop-on-hop-off sightseeing bus tour.

5. Is Funchal safe for tourists?

Funchal is generally a safe destination for tourists, with a low crime rate and friendly locals. However, as with any travel destination, it is advisable to take some precautions, such as: – Avoid walking alone at night in secluded areas. – Keep your valuables in a safe place and avoid carrying large amounts of cash. – Be mindful of your surroundings and be aware of pickpocketing in crowded places.

6. What are some outdoor activities to do in Funchal?

Funchal is a perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts, as it offers a wide range of activities such as: – Levada Walks: Hiking trails that follow the network of irrigation canals that crisscross the island’s mountains. – Whale and Dolphin Watching: Take a boat tour to spot these magnificent sea creatures in their natural habitat. – Surfing and Stand-Up Paddleboarding: Funchal has some of the best surf spots in Madeira Island, offering waves for all levels. – Paragliding: Soar above Funchal’s coastline and enjoy spectacular views of the city and the sea.

7. What are some luxury experiences in Funchal?

Funchal has some luxurious experiences that are worth splurging on, such as: – Quinta da Bela Vista: Stay at this exclusive hotel that boasts beautiful gardens, an outdoor pool, and a Michelin-starred restaurant. – Reid’s Palace: This historic hotel is a Funchal landmark, offering luxurious rooms, spa treatments, and a private beach. – Wine Tasting: Visit one of the Madeira wine cellars in Funchal, like Blandy’s, to taste some of the world’s finest fortified wines. – Private Yacht Tour: Charter a yacht for a private tour of the island’s coastline and enjoy a gourmet picnic on board.

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Funchal is a city that offers something for everyone, from nature lovers to culture seekers, and from families to solo travelers. Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, or gastronomic delights, Funchal has it all. We hope this Funchal FAQ has provided you with useful information and inspired you to visit this charming city.

How to spend your time as a tourist in Funchal

Funchal is the capital of the Portuguese island of Madeira and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. The city offers a mix of historical and modern attractions, making it an ideal place to visit for people of all ages. Here is a guide on how to spend your time as a tourist in Funchal.

1. Visit the Funchal Old Town

Funchal Old Town is one of the city’s most charming areas, and visitors will not be disappointed. The area is full of narrow cobblestone streets, beautiful buildings, and excellent restaurants serving traditional Madeiran cuisine. A stroll through the area is a must-do for any visitor.

2. Explore the beautiful Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens in Funchal are extensive and offer unique views of the city and the sea. The gardens contain plants from all over the world and are excellently maintained. Visitors can take a cable car from the city centre to the gardens or walk through the parks.

3. Take a Levada Walk

The Levada Walks in Funchal are popular with visitors as they offer an opportunity to explore the beautiful countryside of Madeira. The walks follow a network of irrigation channels that have been built to bring water to the farms and towns. Visitors can choose a suitable walk from the many available, ranging from easy to challenging.

4. Learn about the history of Madeira at the Museums

Funchal has several museums that provide information on the region’s past, from volcanic eruptions to the Portuguese discoveries. The most popular museums include the Museu da Quinta das Cruzes, which is located in a charming 16th-century building and showcases furniture, silverware, and pieces of art. Other museums worth visiting include the Museum of Sacred Art and the Madeira Story Centre.

5. Go for a Swim at the Beach

Funchal has several beautiful beaches, and visitors are spoilt for choice. The most popular beaches include Praia Formosa and Praia da Barreirinha, both located in the city centre. These beaches are perfect for a day in the sun, and visitors can also hire sun loungers and umbrellas for a small fee.

6. Discover the wine culture of Madeira

Madeira is famous for its wine, and a visit to the vineyards is highly recommended. Visitors can explore the vineyards and learn about the cultivation of grapes, the wine-making process, and taste the delicious wines produced on the island. The Blandy’s Wine Lodge is one of the most popular vineyards in Funchal and offers many tours and tasting experiences.

7. Enjoy the nightlife in Funchal

Funchal has a vibrant nightlife, and visitors can choose from a variety of bars, pubs, and nightclubs. The Old Town is an excellent place to start, with its romantic restaurants and cosy bars or alternatively, head to the Marina for lively bars and nightclubs that stay open until the early hours.

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Funchal is a wonderful destination for tourists of all ages. From learning about its history to exploring its natural beauty, visitors will find something to do in this charming city. Whether it’s the beaches, the food, or the nightlife, Funchal has something for everyone, making it a must-visit destination in Portugal.

How to Plan Your Volcanic Pools and Northwest 4WD Full Day Tour in Funchal