How to Plan Your Versailles Half Day Tour from Paris With Guide

How to Plan Your Versailles Half Day Tour from Paris With Guide

Are you planning a trip to Paris and searching for a memorable excursion outside the city? Then, a half-day tour of the Palace of Versailles is worth considering. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Palace of Versailles is one of the most beautiful and famous landmarks in France. In this guide, we will help you plan your Versailles Half Day Tour from Paris with a guide so that you can have a smooth and extraordinary experience.


The Versailles Half Day Tour from Paris is an opportunity to visit one of the most visited attractions in France. With a professional guide, you will explore the world within the walls of the beautiful Palace of Versailles in a small group. In this tour, you will get the chance to see the palace’s magnificent State Apartments and the astonishing Hall of Mirrors. You will also learn about the fascinating history of the palace with an experienced guide.


Here are the most exciting things that you will experience during the Versailles Half Day Tour:

1. State Apartments

You will get the chance to visit the State Apartments, where the Kings and Queens of France used to receive their visitors. Each room is decorated with beautiful paintings, exquisite sculptures, and stunning furnishings.

2. Hall of Mirrors

The Hall of Mirrors is one of the most ornate rooms in the Palace of Versailles. With 17 arched windows, the hall is lined with mirrors that reflect the sunlight and make the room look bigger than it is. You can imagine how the French monarch used to impress their visitors in this room.

3. Queen’s Apartments

You will also get the chance to see the Queen’s private apartments, where Marie Antoinette used to stay. The apartments are beautifully decorated with paintings, furniture, and ornaments from her era.

Full Description

The Versailles Half Day Tour from Paris will take you on a journey back in time to discover the world famous palace and its impressive and turbulent history. After meeting your guide, you will board an air-conditioned bus that will take you directly to the palace. Upon arrival, you will skip the line and enter the palace directly. Your experienced guide will take you through the majestic rooms that will reveal the grandeur of French royalty. You will visit the State Apartments, the Hall of Mirrors, the Queen’s apartments, and other hidden parts of the palace. You will also learn about the historical significance of each room, the people who lived there, and the events that took place within its walls. After the tour, you can enjoy a relaxing stroll through the astonishing French-style gardens at your leisure. You will also have some free time to take photos and soak in the grandeur of the palace before boarding the bus back to Paris.


The following are included in the Versailles Half Day Tour from Paris:

1. Transportation

You will travel to Versailles in an air-conditioned bus with a licensed driver.

2. Guide

You will have a professional guide who is knowledgeable about the history of the Palace of Versailles.

3. Tickets

Your ticket to the Palace of Versailles is included in the tour price, so you won’t have to worry about purchasing it separately.

How to Book the Tour

To book the Versailles Half Day Tour from Paris with a guide, click on this link book the tour here. The tour costs €73 per person and lasts for around 4 hours. We recommend that you book the tour well in advance to secure your spot, especially if you’re visiting during peak season.

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The Versailles Half Day Tour from Paris with a guide is a fantastic opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful and famous palaces in France. With a professional guide, you will explore the palace’s grandeur in detail and understand its historical significance. The convenience of transportation and the skip-the-line ticket make this tour a stress-free experience that you don’t want to miss. Book your tour now and immerse yourself in French royal history!

FAQs About Paris

Paris is one of the most internationally famous cities in the world. Known as the city of love, lights, and fashion, it attracts millions of tourists every year. Whether you’re planning a trip to Paris or simply want to know more about the city, this FAQ can help answer some of your most common questions.

1. What is Paris famous for?

Paris is famous for several things, including:
  • Eiffel Tower
  • The Louvre Museum
  • Notre-Dame Cathedral
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • Champs-Elysées
  • Sainte Chapelle
  • Sacré-Coeur Basilica
  • Musée d’Orsay
  • Musée Rodin
  • Palais de Versailles
  • French cuisine and wine
  • Fashion and luxury shopping

2. What is the best time to visit Paris?

The best time to visit Paris is during the spring (April to June) and fall (September to November) months when the weather is mild, and the crowds are smaller. Avoid visiting during peak summer and winter months, as the city can be overly crowded and expensive.

3. How can I get around Paris?

Paris has an excellent public transportation system, including buses, the metro, and RER trains. You can purchase a Paris Visite Pass or a Navigo Pass, which allow unlimited travel on public transportation for a specific period. Taxis and ride-sharing companies like Uber are also available in the city.

4. What are the best neighborhoods to stay in Paris?

The best neighborhoods to stay in Paris depends on your budget, preferences, and itinerary. Some of the most popular neighborhoods among tourists include:
  • Le Marais – trendy and historic district
  • Saint-Germain – central, picturesque, and cultural
  • Montmartre – bohemian and charming
  • Champs-Elysées – upscale and luxurious
  • Bastille – lively and diverse

5. Can I rely on English while in Paris?

While French is the official language in Paris, you can communicate in English in most major tourist areas, restaurants, and hotels. It’s, however, advisable to learn some basic French words and phrases, as it can help improve your experience and interactions with the locals.

6. How much money should I budget for a trip to Paris?

The amount of money you need for a trip to Paris depends on several factors, such as your travel style, duration of stay, and choice of accommodation. To get a rough idea, you should budget at least €80 to €150 per day for food, transportation, and sightseeing. Accommodation prices can range from budget-friendly hostels (€30 to €80 per night) to luxury hotels (€200 to €800 per night).

7. Is Paris a safe city?

Paris is generally safe for tourists, but like any other major city, it has its share of petty crimes such as pickpocketing, scamming, and bag snatching. To avoid falling prey to such crimes, always be cautious, keep your valuables secure, and stay vigilant in crowded areas and tourist hotspots.

8. Can I take a day trip from Paris?

Yes, you can take several day trips from Paris to nearby attractions like:
  • Palace of Versailles
  • Giverny (Monet’s home and gardens)
  • Château de Fontainebleau
  • Disneyland Paris
  • Mont Saint-Michel
  • Reims (champagne region)
  • Normandy beaches

9. What should I eat in Paris?

Paris is famous for its culinary delights, and you shouldn’t miss trying out some of these traditional dishes:
  • Croissants
  • Macarons
  • Escargots (snails)
  • Crème brûlée
  • Boeuf Bourguignon (beef stew)
  • French onion soup
  • Coq au vin (chicken cooked in wine)

10. What is the currency used in Paris?

The currency used in Paris is Euros (€). Most shops, restaurants, and hotels accept credit cards, but it’s advisable to carry some cash for small transactions.

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Paris is a beautiful city that has something for everyone. From world-famous monuments and museums to charming neighborhoods and culinary delights, the city is an excellent destination for a trip. With this FAQ, you can get answers to some of your most common questions about Paris and plan your trip accordingly.

How to Spend Your Time as a Tourist in Paris

Paris is one of the world’s most visited cities, known for its rich history, remarkable architecture, art, fashion, and fantastic cuisine. With so much to see and explore, planning your trip to Paris can be overwhelming. In this guide, we will help you plan your visit by providing you with a step-by-step guide on how to make the most of your time. Here are our recommendations:

Day 1: Visit Iconic Parisian Attractions

On your first day, take a walking tour in the city center and visit some of the iconic Parisian attractions, which include:

Eiffel Tower

Start your day by visiting the most famous landmark in Paris, the Eiffel Tower. You can take a lift to the top of the tower to get stunning views of the city. We recommend visiting the tower early in the morning to avoid crowds and long queues.

Notre-Dame Cathedral

Notre-Dame is a French Gothic masterpiece and a famous Parisian landmark that should be on your must-see list. The cathedral has been an iconic symbol of Paris for centuries, and it’s worth taking the time to admire its grandeur and beauty. Take a stroll around the area and explore the surrounding streets, lined with charming cafes and vintage shops.

Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum is a world-renowned art museum, and it’s the most visited museum in the world. The museum is home to over 35,000 works of art, including the famous Mona Lisa painting. We recommend that you purchase your tickets in advance to avoid long queues.

Day 2: Explore Parisian Neighborhoods

Paris is a city of diverse neighborhoods, each with its own unique atmosphere, architecture, and culture. On your second day, explore some of these neighborhoods:


Montmartre is a charming neighborhood located atop a hill in northern Paris. The neighborhood is famous for its historic sites, cafes, and nightlife. Climb to the top of the hill and visit the famous Sacré-Cœur Basilica, which offers stunning panoramic views of the city. Afterward, explore the streets and cafes of Montmartre and take in the lively atmosphere.

Le Marais

Le Marais is a historic district in central Paris, known for its fashionable boutiques, art galleries, and museums. Explore the Rue des Rosiers, the heart of the Jewish Quarter, where you can find great food and vintage shops. Visit the Musée National Picasso and explore its diverse collection of the artist’s works.

Day 3: Enjoy Parisian culture and cuisine

Paris is famous for its art, culture, and gastronomy. On your last day, spend your time exploring the city’s cultural sites, shopping districts, and famous restaurants.


The Champs-Élysées is Paris’s most famous street, lined with high-end fashion boutiques, restaurants, cafes, and cinemas. Take a stroll down the street and enjoy its vibrant atmosphere. Visit the Arc de Triomphe at the western end of the avenue, a monument dedicated to the French army’s victories and its soldiers.

Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles is a grand royal palace located just outside of Paris. The palace is famous for its grandiose architecture and opulent furnishings. You can take a day trip to visit the palace and its stunning gardens.

Eat like a Parisian

A trip to Paris is not complete without indulging in the city’s remarkable cuisine. Visit the city’s many bistros and cafes and try some of the French classics like baguettes, croissants, macarons, and other pastries. For a more upscale dining experience, you can visit some of the city’s Michelin-starred restaurants, which are known for their remarkable dishes and exceptional service.

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Paris is a city that should be on everyone’s travel bucket list. The city is known for its remarkable culture, food, and history. We hope that this guide has given you some insights on how to plan your visit and make the most of your time in the city. Always remember to carry a map, stay hydrated, and wear comfortable shoes.

How to Plan Your Versailles Half Day Tour from Paris With Guide