How to Plan Your Thermal Amphibious Experience in Auckland

How to Plan Your Thermal Amphibious Experience in Auckland

Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure? The Thermal Amphibious Experience tour in Auckland is the perfect way to discover the stunning beauty of New Zealand’s geothermal activity. With this tour, you’ll explore some of the region’s most stunning natural wonders and learn about the geological forces that have shaped this extraordinary landscape.So, what’s included in this tour? Let’s explore!


The Thermal Amphibious Experience tour includes a fully guided trip to the Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland and Rotorua Duck Tours. You’ll travel in comfort with complimentary pick up and drop off from Auckland city center, along with complimentary refreshments and water on board.But that’s not all! You’ll also enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner, making this a full-day immersive tour that’s perfect for travelers of all ages.

Meeting and Pickup

The tour’s meeting point is the Mövenpick Hotel Auckland, located at 8 Customs Street East in Auckland CBD. You can either head directly to the meeting point, or request pick up from one of the tour’s select pickup points.

What to Expect

The Thermal Amphibious Experience tour comprises two main activities: the Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland and Rotorua Duck Tours.

Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland

The first stop on the tour is the Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland, which is located in the Taupo Volcanic Zone. Here you’ll discover a world of bubbling mud pools, simmering hot springs, and geysers that shoot hot water high into the air.You’ll have plenty of time to explore this incredible natural wonder, learning about its history and geology. Be sure to take plenty of pictures of the colorful mineral deposits and vibrant thermal pools!

Rotorua Duck Tours

The second stop on the tour is a ride on the famous Rotorua Duck Tours. These unique vehicles are designed to operate equally well on land and water, making them perfect for navigating the region’s unique terrain.As you embark on your duck tour, you’ll explore the stunning Lake Rotorua, passing by lush forests, craggy cliffs, and serene beaches. The tour’s friendly and knowledgeable guides will help you learn about the region’s history and ecology as you explore the natural wonders that make this part of New Zealand so special.

Additional Info

To participate in this tour, you’ll need to be in good physical shape, as there is some walking involved. Please ensure that you wear sturdy and comfortable shoes, as the terrain can be uneven in places.Also, be prepared for some changes in temperature as you explore this region, as the thermal activity can cause fluctuations in the local climate. We recommend wearing layers and bringing a jacket or sweater with you, just in case.


If you’re looking for an incredible adventure that will take you deep into the heart of New Zealand’s geothermal activity, then the Thermal Amphibious Experience tour is the perfect choice for you. With its stunning natural wonders, comfortable transport, and knowledgeable guides, this tour provides an unforgettable experience that you’ll treasure for years to come.To book your Thermal Amphibious Experience tour in Auckland today, book the tour here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Auckland

Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand and is known for its stunning harbours, diverse culture, and picturesque landscapes. Visitors from all over the world come to Auckland to experience its unique charm and natural beauty. If you’re planning to visit Auckland, here are some frequently asked questions that you might want to know the answers to before you go.

1. What is the best time to visit Auckland?

The best time to visit Auckland is during the summer months of December to February when the weather is warm and sunny. The city is buzzing with activities and festivals during these months. However, if you prefer a quieter time, then the shoulder seasons of March to May and September to November are ideal. The winter months of June to August are also great for adventure seekers as there are many ski resorts and winter activities available.

2. How do I get around Auckland?

Auckland has an excellent public transport system that includes buses, trains, and ferries. You can buy an AT HOP card, which is a reusable smart card that can be used on all public transport modes. You can also use ride-sharing apps like Uber and Ola, or rent a car if you prefer to have more freedom and flexibility.

3. What are the top attractions in Auckland?

There are many must-see attractions in Auckland, including:

  • Auckland Harbour Bridge
  • Sky Tower
  • Auckland Zoo
  • Waiheke Island
  • Auckland War Memorial Museum
  • Piha Beach
  • Hobbiton Movie Set

4. What are the best outdoor activities to do in Auckland?

Auckland has plenty of outdoor activities to offer, including:

  1. Hiking in the Waitakere Ranges
  2. Exploring the many parks and gardens
  3. Biking on the Tamaki Drive Cycleway
  4. Sailing on the Harbour
  5. Visiting the many beaches
  6. Swimming at waterfalls

5. What is the food like in Auckland?

Auckland is a multicultural city, and you can find a wide range of cuisines to suit all tastes and budgets. Some of the must-try foods in Auckland include:

  • New Zealand lamb
  • Kiwifruit
  • Seafood
  • Hangi (Māori food cooked in an earth oven)
  • Fish and chips
  • Asian fusion cuisine

6. Is Auckland a safe city?

Auckland is generally a safe city, but like any other city, it’s important to take precautions and be aware of your surroundings. You should avoid walking alone at night in unlit or isolated areas and should be cautious of pickpockets in busy areas. Always keep your valuables safe and secure.

7. What are the best day trips from Auckland?

Auckland is surrounded by many beautiful and exciting destinations that are perfect for day trips, including:

  1. Rotorua
  2. Coromandel Peninsula
  3. Bay of Islands
  4. Tongariro National Park
  5. Kaikoura
  6. Hamilton Gardens
  7. Matakana

8. What is the weather like in Auckland?

Auckland has a temperate maritime climate, which means mild temperatures all year round. The summer months (December to February) are warm and sunny, with average temperatures of 20°C to 25°C. The winter months (June to August) are mild but often wet and windy, with average temperatures of 10°C to 15°C.

9. How long should I spend in Auckland?

The amount of time you should spend in Auckland depends on your interests and preferences. If you’re interested in exploring the city and its attractions, then 2-3 days should suffice. However, if you want to explore the surrounding regions and do some outdoor activities, then you should plan for at least a week or more.

10. Do I need a visa to enter Auckland?

If you’re a citizen of a visa-waiver country, such as the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom, then you don’t need a visa to enter Auckland for tourism purposes. However, if you’re from a country that requires a visa, then you should apply for a visitor visa before you travel. You can check the New Zealand Immigration website for a list of visa-waiver countries and visa requirements.


Auckland is a beautiful and exciting city that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in nature, adventure, culture, or food, Auckland has it all. By knowing the answers to these frequently asked questions, you’ll be able to plan your trip to Auckland with confidence and see all that this incredible city has to offer.

How to Spend Your Time as a Tourist in Auckland

Auckland, known as the City of Sails, is a vibrant metropolitan city located in the North Island of New Zealand. This city has something to offer for every type of traveler. From bustling markets to scenic mountain ranges, it is a perfect destination for adventure seekers, foodies, culture enthusiasts, and beach enthusiasts. If you are planning to visit Auckland soon, then here are some of the best things to do in this beautiful city.

1. Visit the Sky Tower

The Sky Tower is an observation and telecommunications tower, and the tallest freestanding structure in the Southern Hemisphere. It is a must-visit attraction for every tourist in Auckland. A visit to the Sky Tower offers stunning views of Auckland city and its surroundings. Additionally, it has a revolving restaurant, SkyWalk, and SkyJump that makes it a perfect destination for thrill-seekers.

2. Explore the Auckland Harbour

Auckland Harbour is a magnificent place that offers relaxing walks, stunning views, and adrenaline pumping water activities. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of the harbor by taking a boat ride or hopping on a ferry to the nearby islands like Waiheke Island or Rangitoto Island. You can also try kayaking, paddle-boarding, or jet skiing.

3. Stroll Around the Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island is a beautiful island that is just a 40-minute ferry ride away from Auckland city. The island is famous for its stunning beaches, picturesque vineyards, and olive groves. You can walk around the island and explore its natural beauty or visit its wineries to taste the award-winning wines.

4. Experience the Maori Culture

New Zealand has a rich Maori heritage, and Auckland provides various opportunities to experience it. You can visit the Auckland Museum to view the exhibits and artifacts that showcase the Maori culture. Additionally, you can attend traditional cultural performances, events, and festivals that take place throughout the year.

5. Visit the Auckland Zoo

The Auckland Zoo is a perfect destination for families and animal lovers. It boasts over 140 different animal species and is considered one of the best value-for-money tourist attractions in Auckland. You can witness various animals from around the world, including elephants, lions, and gorillas.

6. Shop in the Matakana Markets

The Matakana Markets, located just outside of Auckland, is a perfect destination for foodies and shopaholics. The market offers delicious foods, artisan-made products, and quirky gifts that you won’t find anywhere else in the city. It’s open every weekend throughout the year.

7. Walk on the Auckland Harbour Bridge

The Auckland Harbour Bridge is an iconic landmark of Auckland city that offers an exhilarating experience for adventure seekers. You can walk or cycle on the specially designed pedestrian track located on the bridge’s upper level. It is one of the most popular attractions in Auckland, offering stunning views of the city and its surrounding environment.

8. Visit the Auckland Art Gallery

The Auckland Art Gallery is an excellent destination for art lovers, located in the heart of Auckland city. It boasts a vast collection of artworks, including traditional and contemporary pieces. Additionally, it regularly hosts exhibitions, events, and talks related to art and culture.

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Auckland provides a perfect blend of modernity and nature, making it one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world. With so many things to do and see, visitors can experience the best of New Zealand’s natural beauty, culture, food, and adventure within this beautiful city. Whether you are seeking relaxation or adventure, Auckland is a destination that provides a memorable experience for every traveler.

How to Plan Your Thermal Amphibious Experience in Auckland