How to Plan Your Scooter Sightseeing Tour in Montreal

How to Plan Your Scooter Sightseeing Tour in Montreal

If you’re looking for a unique way to explore Montreal, why not try a guided scooter tour? This way, you can cover more ground in less time while experiencing the city like a local. In this post, we’ll guide you through how to plan your perfect scooter sightseeing tour in Montreal.


Scoot through the streets of Montreal on this guided tour and discover more in less time. Zip past an unbelievable wealth of cool art galleries, quirky boutiques, bohemian-style jazz bars, and flower-filled parks.


During this tour, you’ll discover unique neighborhoods on a zippy scooter, visit the historic Jean-Talon Market and hilltop sights in Mount Royal, and see art galleries, quirky boutiques, and Bohemian jazz bars.

Tour Details

The scooter sightseeing tour takes around 3 hours and covers approximately 20-25 km. The tour is available every day at different times, and reservations can be made online via GetYourGuide.


The price of the tour includes the scooter, helmet, bottled water, and gratuity for the guide.


The tour is not recommended for pregnant women or people with vertigo.

How to Prepare for Your Scooter Sightseeing Tour

Before embarking on your scooter tour, there are a few things you should know to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Driver’s License

You’ll need a valid driver’s license to drive the scooter.

Weather Conditions

Montreal can experience a variety of weather conditions, so be sure to dress appropriately for the day’s forecast. It’s also worth noting that the scooter tour will be canceled if there is heavy rain or snow.

Meeting Point

The meeting point for the tour is located in the Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood. Make sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before the tour’s start time.

Training Session

Before the tour begins, you’ll receive a brief training session on how to operate the scooter safely. This will include a lesson on how to control your speed, brake, and turn.

What to Expect During Your Scooter Sightseeing Tour

During the 3-hour tour, you’ll discover some of Montreal’s most scenic neighborhoods on a zippy scooter. You’ll learn about the city’s history and culture from your knowledgeable guide and take in some of Montreal’s most famous landmarks and attractions.


The tour will take you through some of Montreal’s most charming neighborhoods, including the Mile End, Little Italy, and the Plateau.


During the tour, you’ll visit the historic Jean-Talon Market, where you can sample fresh produce and baked goods. You’ll also ride up to the top of Mount Royal, where you can take in a breathtaking panoramic view of the city skyline.

Local Culture

Your guide will take you to see some of Montreal’s most eclectic art galleries, quirky boutiques, and Bohemian jazz bars, giving you an insight into the city’s vibrant culture.

Tips for Your Scooter Sightseeing Tour

To make the most of your scooter sightseeing tour, here are some helpful tips:

Bring a Camera

Don’t forget your camera, as there will be plenty of opportunities for stunning photo opportunities along the way.

Dress Comfortably

Wear comfortable shoes and layers that are suitable for the day’s weather conditions. Scooters can be a bit chilly to ride, so bring a jacket if it’s cool outside.

Stay Hydrated

Although bottled water is provided on the tour, you may want to bring additional water or other beverages to stay hydrated while scootering.

Be Safe

Always follow your guide’s instructions and remember to drive safely.

Book Your Tour Now

At the end of your scooter sightseeing tour in Montreal, you’ll have seen some of the city’s most beautiful and historic landmarks while experiencing the city like a local. Remember to book your tour in advance and follow our tips to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. Book the tour here on GetYourGuide, and we hope you have a fantastic time in Montreal!

Frequently Asked Questions about Montreal

Montreal is one of the most unique and dynamic cities in Canada. Known for its mix of French and English cultures, stunning architecture, and lively arts and entertainment scene, it’s no wonder that it draws in tourists from around the world. Here are some frequently asked questions about Montreal that will help you make the most of your visit.

What is the best time to visit Montreal?

Montreal is a bustling city all year round. Summers are generally warm and humid while winters can be quite harsh. The fall season, from September to November, is a great time to visit for cool weather, beautiful foliage, and various fall festivals including the Montreal Botanical Garden’s Gardens of Light exhibit. During the winter season, the city hosts the Montreal High Lights Festival, one of Canada’s biggest winter festivals.

What are some popular attractions in Montreal?

1. Old Montreal:

Old Montreal is the historic heart of the city and is home to stunning architecture, cobblestone streets, and world-class restaurants. Visitors can take a stroll through the picturesque Place Jacques-Cartier, visit the Notre-Dame Basilica, and explore the Montreal Museum of Archaeology and History.

2. Mount Royal:

Mount Royal is a 200-hectare park located in the heart of Montreal. Hiking trails, bike paths and walking paths are just some of the activities that visitors can enjoy the park offers. The lookout offers a panoramic view of the city from above that should not be missed.

3. Montreal Botanical Garden:

The Montreal Botanical Garden is one of the largest botanical gardens in the world, and is home to a wide variety of plants and flowers. It’s a great place to visit if you love nature and want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

4. Biodome:

The Biodome is an indoor zoo that is home to a wide variety of animals and plants from four of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the Americas. Visitors can interact with the animals in their natural habitats, making it a great place for families with children.

What are some popular events and festivals in Montreal?

1. Montreal International Jazz Festival:

The Montreal International Jazz Festival is one of the largest jazz festivals in the world, attracting some of the biggest names in the genre. Held in late June to early July, it’s a great time to visit Montreal if you’re a fan of jazz music and outdoor concerts.

2. Just For Laughs Festival:

The Just For Laughs Festival, held in July each year, is one of the largest comedy festivals in the world. It’s a great time to catch some of the funniest comedians from around the globe, and enjoy an evening of laughs with friends.

3. Montreal International Fireworks Competition:

The Montreal International Fireworks Competition is an annual event that takes place every summer. Visitors can enjoy spectacular pyrotechnic displays from some of the world’s best teams.

4. Montreal High Lights Festival:

The Montreal High Lights Festival takes place every winter, usually in February, and is one of the largest winter festivals in Canada. The city is illuminated for this event and visitors can enjoy outdoor activities, live music performances, and art exhibitions.

What is the public transportation like in Montreal?

Montreal has an efficient public transportation system, including buses, metro and trains. The STM, the Montreal public transit authority, provides affordable and convenient transportation to all parts of the city. Trains connect downtown Montreal with the suburbs and other cities in the province of Quebec.

What is the local language in Montreal?

Montreal is a bilingual city, with both English and French being spoken. French is the official language of Quebec, but many Montrealers speak English as well. Visitors will find it helpful to brush up on some basic French phrases, especially when visiting some of the more traditional stores and restaurants in the city’s French districts.

What is the food like in Montreal?

Montreal is known for its diverse and delicious food scene. Visitors can enjoy traditional Quebecois cuisine such as poutine, which consists of French fries, gravy and cheese curds, or try some authentic French cuisine in the city’s many restaurants. Montreal is also famous for its bagels, which many people say are the best in the world.

What is the nightlife like in Montreal?

Montreal is one of the best cities for nightlife in North America. Its vibrant and lively nightlife scene includes numerous bars, clubs, and live music venues. Visitors can enjoy a variety of music genres, including jazz, rock, electronic, and alternative music. The city is also home to a number of casinos, including the world-famous Casino de Montreal.

Is Montreal a safe city for tourists?

Montreal is generally a safe and welcoming city for tourists. However, as with any big city, visitors should take precautions to ensure their safety. It’s recommended to avoid walking alone at night in isolated areas, to be aware of your surroundings, and not to leave valuables in plain sight in your car and hotel room.

What is the currency used in Montreal?

The currency used in Montreal is the Canadian dollar. Visitors will find that most businesses accept credit cards, but it’s always a good idea to carry cash for small transactions or visiting local markets.

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Montreal is a vibrant and dynamic city, welcoming visitors from all over the world. Whether you’re a foodie, music lover, or just someone who enjoys beautiful architecture and friendly people, Montreal has something to offer everyone. By taking advantage of Montreal’s public transportation system, embracing the bilingual culture, and exploring the city’s diverse neighborhoods, visitors can ensure that their trip to Montreal is one of their most memorable experiences.

How to Spend Your Time as a Tourist in Montreal

Montreal is a beautiful city located in Quebec, Canada, that attracts millions of tourists every year. With its rich history and cultural heritage, scenic beauty, vibrant nightlife, and diverse cuisine, Montreal has something to offer for everyone. Whether you are traveling solo or with family or friends, there are plenty of things to do and see in this city. In this blog post, we will guide you on how to spend your time as a tourist in Montreal.

1. Visit Old Montreal

Old Montreal is a historic neighborhood that dates back to the 17th century. It is famous for its beautiful architecture, cobblestone streets, and charming cafes and restaurants. You can spend an entire day wandering around the streets of Old Montreal, admiring the beautiful buildings, visiting art galleries and museums, and trying out local delicacies. Some of the notable attractions in Old Montreal include the Notre-Dame Basilica, the Pointe-à-Callière Museum, and the Montreal Science Centre.

2. Explore Mont-Royal

Mont-Royal is a beautiful park located just outside the city center. It offers stunning views of the city skyline and is a popular spot for picnics, hiking, and biking. You can also visit the Chalet du Mont-Royal, an iconic building that serves as a lookout point and a venue for various events and activities. Mont-Royal is also home to the Tam-Tams, a weekly drumming festival that takes place every Sunday during the summer months.

3. Stroll Through the Botanical Garden

The Montreal Botanical Garden is a beautiful oasis in the heart of the city. It features over 22,000 plant species, including many rare and exotic ones. You can stroll through the various themed gardens, such as the Japanese Garden and the Chinese Garden, and admire the colorful flowers and plants. The Botanical Garden also hosts various events and exhibitions throughout the year, such as the Garden of Lights during the holiday season.

4. Visit the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is one of the largest art museums in Canada, with over 41,000 works of art in its collection. It features a wide range of art styles and periods, from ancient artifacts to contemporary installations. The museum also hosts various exhibitions and events throughout the year, such as the Montreal International Jazz Festival and the Montreal en Lumière festival.

5. Experience Montreal’s Cuisine

Montreal is known for its diverse and delicious cuisine, with influences from French, Italian, Jewish, and other cultures. Some of the must-try dishes in Montreal include poutine, bagels, smoked meat sandwiches, and maple syrup treats. You can explore the various restaurants and cafes across the city, from fine dining establishments to street food vendors. You can also take a food tour to sample different cuisines and learn about their history and culture.

6. Enjoy the Nightlife

Montreal has a vibrant nightlife scene, with numerous bars, clubs, and theaters across the city. You can catch a show at the Place des Arts, a cultural complex that hosts various music, dance, and theater performances. You can also visit the Quartier Latin, a popular neighborhood with many bars and clubs. Some of the notable nightlife spots in Montreal include the Club Soda, the Jazz Bistro, and the Corona Theatre.

7. Attend Festivals and Events

Montreal is home to many festivals and events throughout the year, such as the Montreal International Jazz Festival, the Montreal International Film Festival, and the Montreal en Lumière festival. These events offer a unique opportunity to experience the city’s culture and entertainment scene, meet new people, and have fun. You can check the city’s calendar of events to plan your trip accordingly.

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Montreal is a fascinating city with many attractions and activities for tourists. Whether you are interested in history, art, nature, food, or entertainment, Montreal has something to offer for you. By following the tips in this guide, you can make the most of your time in Montreal and create memorable experiences that will last a lifetime. Don’t forget to share your favorite Montreal experiences in the comments below!

How to Plan Your Scooter Sightseeing Tour in Montreal