How to Plan Your Santorini Private Tour

How to Plan Your Santorini Private Tour

If you’re planning a trip to Santorini, you won’t want to miss the chance to explore the island’s most beautiful sites and cultural landmarks. One of the best ways to do this is with a private tour that takes you to all of the essential spots in comfort, style, and convenience. In this guide, we’ll show you how to plan your own Santorini Private Tour, so you can make the most of your visit to this stunning part of Greece.

Overview of the Santorini Private Tour

The Santorini Private Tour is a full-day trip that takes you around the island with an experienced guide. On the tour, you’ll explore some of the most beautiful and historically significant sites of Santorini, including the ancient ruins at Akrotiri, the red beach, the Prophet Ilias monastery, and traditional wineries. You’ll also have the chance to see some of the most picturesque villages on the island, such as Pyrgos and Oia, and take in the stunning views of the caldera.

What to Expect on the Santorini Private Tour

The Santorini Private Tour lasts between 5-6 hours and is conducted by an expert local guide. You’ll be picked up directly from your hotel or a pre-arranged meeting point in a comfortable, air-conditioned minivan that accommodates up to six people. Throughout the day, your guide will share stories and insights into the island’s history, culture and tradition. Here’s a summary of the places you’ll visit on the tour:

Akrotiri Ancient Ruins

Your tour will begin with a visit to Akrotiri Ancient Ruins, which is one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece. The ancient town was buried under the ash from a volcanic eruption around 1600 BC, a disaster that preserved many of its buildings, frescoes and other artifacts. On the tour, your guide will lead you through the site and share the fascinating history of this ancient Minoan settlement.

Red Beach

After Akrotiri, you’ll visit the striking Red Beach, one of the island’s most iconic sites. This unique beach features red and black volcanic rocks, which contrast spectacularly with the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea. You’ll have plenty of time to take photos, swim or sunbathe.

Prophet Ilias Monastery and Santorini’s Highest Peak

Next, you’ll climb to the highest point on the island (567 meters above sea level) to visit the Prophet Ilias Monastery. The monastery features a beautiful church with stunning views of the island and the mainland. You’ll have a chance to explore the monastery grounds and learn about its history and importance to the local community.

Emporio and Pyrgos Towns

After the monastery, you’ll visit two charming and historic towns on the island. Emporio is the largest village of Santorini, and the contrast between the old and the new part of the village is impressive. Pyrgos, once the capital of the island, is a maze of white-washed houses and narrow streets that lead to a medieval castle on the top of the hill. You’ll have time to stroll around and enjoy the relaxed pace of life in these traditional villages.

Wine Tasting at a Traditional Winery

No trip to Santorini would be complete without experiencing its famous wine culture. On the tour, you’ll visit a traditional winery and learn about the island’s unique winemaking techniques. You’ll have the chance to taste some of the best local wines, such as Assyrtiko, Nykteri and Vinsanto, and enjoy the spectacular views over the caldera.

Oia Village and the Caldera

The tour ends in Oia Village, located on the northern tip of the island. This stunning cliffside village is famous for its incredible views over the caldera, and you’ll have plenty of time to explore its narrow streets and admire the sunset (if you opt for an evening tour). Be sure to bring your camera for some amazing shots of one of the most beautiful places in the world.

How to Book the Santorini Private Tour

If you’re interested in booking the Santorini Private Tour, you can easily do so online at The tour costs €320 for up to six passengers, and includes hotel pickup and drop-off, as well as transportation, a local guide and admission fees. Bookings are subject to availability, so be sure to book as early as possible to avoid disappointment. To book the tour, simply follow the link here and fill out the required information.

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If you’re looking for an unforgettable way to explore the wonders of Santorini, the Santorini Private Tour is the perfect option. With an expert guide, comfortable transportation, and a comprehensive itinerary, you’ll experience the best of the island’s culture, history, and natural beauty. Book your tour today and get ready for an adventure you’ll never forget.

FAQ about Santorini

Santorini, an island in Greece, is famous for its breathtaking views, sunsets, and unique landscape. Here are answers to some common questions about this amazing city.

1. What is the best time to visit Santorini?

The best time to visit Santorini is from mid-April to early November. During this time, the weather is pleasant, and the water temperature is perfect for swimming. However, the peak season for tourism is from June to August, so expect crowds and high prices during this time.

2. How do I get to Santorini?

The easiest way to get to Santorini is by flying. The island has an international airport that receives flights from several European cities. You can also take a ferry from Athens or other nearby islands.

3. What are the top attractions in Santorini?

There are many things to do in Santorini, including:
  • Watching the sunset in Oia
  • Exploring the ancient ruins of Akrotiri
  • Relaxing on the black sand beaches of Perissa
  • Visiting the wineries and tasting the unique wines produced on the island
  • Going on a boat tour to see the island from the water

4. Where should I stay in Santorini?

If you want to be close to the action, stay in Fira or Oia. These towns offer plenty of hotels, restaurants, and nightlife options. If you prefer a quieter experience, consider staying in the smaller towns of Imerovigli or Firostefani.

5. What is the cuisine like in Santorini?

Santorini has a unique cuisine that is heavily influenced by the island’s volcanic landscape. Some popular dishes include:
  • Fava, a puree made from yellow split peas
  • Tomato fritters, a fried dish made from local cherry tomatoes
  • Gyros, a type of wrap filled with meat, vegetables, and tzatziki sauce
  • Caper, a plant that grows wild on the island and is used in many dishes
  • Vinsanto, a sweet dessert wine made from grapes grown on the island

6. Is it expensive to visit Santorini?

Santorini can be expensive, especially during the peak tourist season. Prices for food, accommodation, and activities can be higher than other destinations in Greece. However, there are ways to save money, such as by traveling in the shoulder season, staying in budget accommodation, and choosing inexpensive restaurants.

7. What is the weather like in Santorini?

Santorini has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters. The hottest months are July and August, with temperatures reaching up to 30°C (86°F). Winter temperatures rarely drop below 10°C (50°F).

8. Do I need a visa to visit Santorini?

If you are a citizen of the European Union or the United States, you do not need a visa to visit Santorini for up to 90 days. However, if you are from another country, check with the Greek embassy in your home country for visa requirements.

9. Can I use my credit card in Santorini?

Yes, most hotels, restaurants, and shops in Santorini accept credit cards. However, it’s always a good idea to carry cash with you, especially when visiting smaller towns or markets.

10. Is it safe to travel to Santorini?

Santorini is generally a safe destination for tourists. However, like any other tourist destination, there is always a risk of petty theft or scams. It’s important to take the usual precautions, such as not carrying too much cash and being aware of your surroundings.

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Santorini is a magical destination that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in history, food, wine, or just relaxing on the beach, this island is sure to deliver. With proper planning and a sense of adventure, you can make the most of your trip to Santorini.

How to Spend Your Time as a Tourist in Santorini

Santorini is a picturesque Greek island located in the southern Aegean Sea that attracts thousands of tourists every year. This volcanic island is famous for its dramatic cliffs, stunning vistas, white-walled buildings, and blue-domed churches. Santorini is a perfect destination for those who are looking for an unforgettable experience with natural beauty, rich history, and local culture. In this guide, we will provide you with a detailed plan on how to spend your time as a tourist in Santorini.

Plan your trip

Before you start packing your bags and booking your tickets, it’s essential to have a plan in place. Here are some tips to help you plan your trip to Santorini:

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Santorini is from May to October when the weather is warm and sunny. However, keep in mind that this is also the busiest time of the year, and prices often skyrocket. If you prefer to avoid crowds and save some money, consider visiting Santorini during the shoulder seasons (April/May and September/October).


Santorini offers a wide range of accommodation options for every budget, from budget-friendly hostels and guesthouses to luxury resorts and villas. Some of the best areas to stay in Santorini are Fira, Oia, and Kamari.


The best way to explore Santorini is by renting a car or ATV. However, if you prefer not to drive, you can also use local taxis or public transportation, such as buses.

Things to do in Santorini

1. Visit Oia

Oia is a small village located on the northern tip of the island, known for its stunning sunsets and blue-domed churches. Take a stroll through the narrow streets, enjoy the views of the Mediterranean Sea, and watch the sunset from the castle ruins.

2. Hike from Fira to Oia

The hike from Fira to Oia is one of the best ways to experience the natural beauty of Santorini. The 10-km hike takes about 3-4 hours, and along the way, you’ll see picturesque villages, vineyards, and stunning ocean views.

3. Explore Akrotiri Archaeological Site

The Akrotiri Archaeological Site is an ancient Minoan settlement that was buried under volcanic ash in 1627 BC. The site was discovered in 1967 and is considered one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece.

4. Visit the Red Beach

The Red Beach is located near Akrotiri and is famous for its unique red sand and cliffs. The beach is surrounded by high cliffs that provide natural shade and stunning views of the Aegean Sea.

5. Relax at a Beach Club

Santorini is famous for its beach clubs, where you can relax on a sun lounger, sip a cocktail, and enjoy the Mediterranean vibe. Some of the best beach clubs in Santorini are Santo Maris Oia, Perivolos Beach Club, and Theros Wave Bar.

Where to Eat in Santorini

1. To Psaraki

To Psaraki is a traditional fish tavern located in Vlychada Beach, known for its fresh fish and traditional Greek dishes. The restaurant offers stunning ocean views and a cozy atmosphere.

2. Argo Restaurant

Argo Restaurant is located in Fira and offers a wide selection of seafood, Mediterranean and international dishes. The restaurant has a romantic atmosphere, and the views of the Mediterranean Sea are breathtaking.

3. Selene Restaurant

Selene Restaurant is a Michelin-starred restaurant located in Pyrgos, known for its innovative Greek cuisine. The restaurant offers a fine dining experience, and the dishes are made using local ingredients.

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Santorini is a perfect destination for those who are looking for a unique travel experience. The island offers a wide range of activities, from exploring ancient ruins to relaxing on a beach club. By following our guide, you can create a memorable itinerary for your trip to Santorini. Remember to plan your trip, explore the island, and try the delicious local cuisine. Enjoy your trip to this magical island!

How to Plan Your Santorini Private Tour