How to Plan Your Santorini Day Tour with Sunset in Oia

Enjoy a day of discovery on Santorini island on this tour from Fira. With an itinerary that covers all the must-see sights, the tour lets you find your own favorites.

1. Research and Book Your Tour

Booking your Santorini day tour with sunset in Oia well in advance is highly recommended. Do your research and choose a reputable tour company that offers this specific tour. Viator (a TripAdvisor company) provides a highly-rated Santorini Traditional Bus Tour with a sunset experience in Oia. Visit this link to book your tour.

2. Time and Duration

The Santorini day tour with sunset in Oia usually starts in the late afternoon, allowing you to explore the island during the day and capture the breathtaking sunset from Oia in the evening. The tour’s duration is approximately 10 hours, ensuring you have ample time to soak in the beauty of Santorini.

3. Essential Items to Pack

  • Sunscreen to protect yourself from the island’s strong sun
  • A hat and sunglasses for extra sun protection
  • Comfortable walking shoes as you’ll be exploring various sites
  • A light jacket or shawl for the evening when temperatures can drop
  • Your camera to capture memories of the stunning landscapes

4. Itinerary Highlights

The Santorini day tour with sunset in Oia offers a comprehensive itinerary that covers the island’s most iconic attractions. Here are the highlights:

4.1 Fira

Start your tour in Fira, the capital of Santorini, where you’ll explore the charming streets, enjoy the picturesque views, and learn about the island’s history and culture.

4.2 Kamari Beach

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Kamari Beach, known for its black sand and crystal-clear waters. Take a leisurely stroll along the shore and dip your toes in the Aegean Sea.

4.3 Perissa Beach

Experience another stunning black sand beach at Perissa. Relax, sunbathe, and enjoy the refreshing waters while taking in the scenic coastal views.

4.4 Akrotiri Excavations

Explore the ancient Minoan city of Akrotiri, preserved under volcanic ash for centuries. Marvel at the well-preserved ruins and learn about the history and mysteries of this archaeological site.

4.5 Oia

The highlight of the tour is the visit to Oia, a picturesque village renowned for its breathtaking sunsets. Stroll through the narrow streets lined with whitewashed houses, charming cafes, and boutique shops. Capture the magical sunset views from the famous Oia cliffs, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

5. Local Tips

  • Bring cash for small purchases and tips
  • Wear light and comfortable clothing as Santorini can be hot
  • Stay hydrated by carrying a refillable water bottle
  • Follow your guide’s instructions for safety and local customs
  • Be respectful when taking photos and be mindful of other tourists

6. Conclusion

Planning your Santorini day tour with a sunset in Oia will allow you to experience the best that this iconic Greek island has to offer. From the picturesque streets of Fira to the black sand beaches of Kamari and Perissa, and the ancient ruins of Akrotiri, every moment will be filled with wonder. Make sure to book your tour in advance to secure your spot. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the world-famous sunset from Oia’s cliffs. Create unforgettable memories on this Santorini tour and explore the beauty of the island at your own pace.

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How to Plan Your Santorini Day Tour with Sunset in Oia