How to Plan Your Private Tour to Avala in Belgrade

How to Plan Your Private Tour to Avala in Belgrade

If you are planning a visit to Belgrade, consider spending a day exploring the nearby Avala Mountain. With its natural beauty, rich history, and numerous attractions, this mountain makes a perfect destination for a private tour. In this blog post, we will guide you through all the necessary steps to plan your own private tour to Avala in Belgrade.

Step 1: Book Your Private Tour

The first step to planning your Avala tour is to book a private tour that suits your individual needs and preferences. We recommend using Viator, a reliable tour operator that offers a wide range of private tours to Avala. Viator’s Private Tour to Avala includes all transportation, an experienced driver who knows the area well, and access to some of the most popular attractions on the mountain.

Step 2: Determine Your Pickup Location

Once you have booked your Avala tour, determine your preferred pickup location. Viator’s tour includes convenient pickup at your accommodation in Belgrade, so make sure to provide your hotel or apartment address when booking your tour.

Step 3: Prepare for Your Tour

To fully enjoy your private tour to Avala, it’s important to prepare for the trip in advance. Check the local weather forecast and wear comfortable clothes and shoes suitable for outdoor activities. Bring some snacks, water, and sunscreen to stay energized and protected during the day.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Avala Tour

On the day of your tour, your private driver will pick you up at your accommodation in Belgrade at your chosen time. The drive to Avala takes only 40 minutes and offers spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. Once you arrive at Avala, you can explore its many attractions, including the Avala Tower, the Unknown Hero Monument, and a traditional Serbian restaurant with a stunning mountain backdrop. Your driver will provide local insights and show you the best sights that Avala has to offer.

Step 5: End Your Tour

After a full day of exploring Avala, your private driver will take you back to your accommodation in Belgrade. Take the time to relax and reflect on your Avala experience, and perhaps plan your next adventure in Serbia.

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A private tour to Avala is a wonderful addition to any visit to Belgrade. By following these simple steps, you can plan your own private tour to Avala and discover the mountain’s unique natural beauty and cultural significance. Book your tour here on Viator and get ready for a day filled with adventure, relaxation, and unforgettable memories.

Frequently Asked Questions About Belgrade

If you’re planning a trip to Belgrade or just curious about this city, you probably have a lot of questions. Here are some frequently asked questions that might help you out:

What is Belgrade and where is it located?

Belgrade is the capital and largest city of Serbia, located in the southeastern part of Europe. It is situated at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, in the Balkan Peninsula.

What is the population of Belgrade?

According to the latest estimate, the population of Belgrade is around 1.2 million people. It is the most populous city in Serbia and one of the largest cities in the Balkans.

What is the weather like in Belgrade?

Belgrade has a continental climate with four distinct seasons. Summers are hot and dry, with temperatures often exceeding 30°C (86°F). Winters are cold and snowy, with temperatures dropping below 0°C (32°F) at times. Spring and autumn are mild, with occasional rains.

What language is spoken in Belgrade?

The official language of Serbia is Serbian. However, many people in Belgrade speak English, especially in tourist areas.

What currency is used in Belgrade?

The official currency of Serbia is the Serbian dinar (RSD). However, some places in Belgrade also accept euros (EUR).

What is the best time to visit Belgrade?

The best time to visit Belgrade depends on your preferences. If you prefer warm weather and outdoor activities, summer is the best time to visit. If you prefer lower prices and fewer crowds, winter is a good time to visit. Spring and autumn also offer mild weather and fewer tourists.

What are the top tourist attractions in Belgrade?

Belgrade has many interesting landmarks and attractions, including:
  • Kalemegdan Fortress
  • St. Sava Temple
  • Nikola Tesla Museum
  • Skadarlija
  • Ada Ciganlija

Is Belgrade a safe city?

Belgrade is generally a safe city, but like any big city, it is important to take some precautions. Avoid walking alone late at night, and be aware of pickpockets in crowded areas. Also, be cautious when using public transportation, especially at night.

What is the transportation system like in Belgrade?

Belgrade has a well-developed public transportation system, including buses, trams, trolleybuses, and the metro. There are also taxi services available, but it is important to use licensed taxis only.

What are the best areas to stay in Belgrade?

Some of the best areas to stay in Belgrade include:
  • Stari Grad (Old Town)
  • Savski Venac
  • Vracar
  • Dorcol

What is the food like in Belgrade?

Belgrade has a rich culinary tradition, influenced by Balkan, Turkish, and Austro-Hungarian cuisine. Some of the most popular dishes include cevapi, burek, and pljeskavica. There are also many international restaurants serving Italian, Chinese, and other cuisines.

What are the nightlife options in Belgrade?

Belgrade is known for its vibrant nightlife, with many bars, clubs, and lounges open until the early morning hours. Some of the most popular nightlife areas include Skadarlija, Savamala, and Beton Hala.

What is the internet access like in Belgrade?

Most cafes, restaurants, and hotels in Belgrade offer free Wi-Fi access, and there are also many internet cafes and co-working spaces in the city.

What are the shopping options in Belgrade?

Belgrade has a wide range of shopping options, from luxury boutiques to street markets. Some of the best shopping areas include Knez Mihailova Street, Usce Shopping Mall, and Kalenic Market.

What is the culture like in Belgrade?

Belgrade has a rich cultural heritage and is known for its music, theater, and art scene. There are many museums and galleries in the city, as well as festivals and events throughout the year.

What are the customs and etiquette in Belgrade?

Serbs are known for their hospitality and generosity. It is customary to greet people with a handshake or a kiss on the cheek, and to remove shoes before entering someone’s home. When dining, it is polite to wait for the host to begin eating, and to offer to pay for the meal as a sign of respect.

What is the history of Belgrade?

Belgrade has a long and fascinating history, dating back to the neolithic period. It has been ruled by many different empires and nations, including the Romans, Ottomans, and Austro-Hungarians. During World War II, Belgrade was heavily bombed and suffered significant damage. Today, it is a vibrant and modern city with a rich cultural heritage.

How to Spend Your Time as a Tourist in Belgrade – A Comprehensive Guide

Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia, is a vibrant and bustling city with a rich history and cultural heritage. From ancient fortresses to modern cafes and bars, there is something for everyone in this charming city. Whether you are a history buff, a foodie, or an adventure seeker, Belgrade has got you covered. In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through some of the best things to do in Belgrade.

1. Explore Historical Sites

Belgrade has a long and fascinating history, and exploring its stunning historical sites is one of the best ways to experience the city’s past. Here are some of the historical places that you should visit:

a. Kalemegdan Fortress

Built in the 2nd century AD, Kalemegdan Fortress is a stunning fortress that overlooks the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers. The fortress was used by various empires and rulers throughout its history, from the Romans to the Ottomans. Today, it houses several museums, art galleries, and parks. The views from the fortress are stunning, especially during sunset.

b. St. Sava Cathedral

St. Sava Cathedral is one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world, and it is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Belgrade. Located in the Vracar district, the church was built in the 1930s and boasts stunning architectural details, including beautiful frescoes and mosaics.

c. Skadarlija Street

Skadarlija Street is a charming cobblestone street that is reminiscent of old Belgrade. It is lined with beautiful restaurants, cafes, and art galleries, and it is the perfect place to soak up the city’s bohemian atmosphere. The street was once the hub of the city’s artistic community, and many famous writers and poets lived and worked here.

2. Try Serbian Cuisine

Serbia is known for its hearty and delicious cuisine, and no trip to Belgrade would be complete without trying some of the local dishes. Here are some of the must-try Serbian foods:

a. Cevapi

Cevapi is a popular grilled dish made from minced meat and served with onions, pita bread, and kajmak (a creamy dairy spread). It is a staple dish in Serbia, and you can find it in many restaurants and street food stalls.

b. Pljeskavica

Pljeskavica is a Serbian burger made from a grilled patty of mixed beef and pork. It is often served with toppings like onions, cheese, and ajvar (a red pepper spread).

c. Burek

Burek is a savory pastry filled with meat, cheese, or spinach. It is a popular snack food in Serbia, and it is often served with yogurt or sour cream.

3. Take a Boat Tour

Belgrade is situated at the confluence of two rivers, the Sava and Danube, and taking a boat tour is a great way to see the city from a different perspective. There are several boat tours available, from leisurely sightseeing tours to party boat tours.

a. Ada Ciganlija

Ada Ciganlija is a man-made lake located in Belgrade, and it is a popular spot for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports. There are several boat tours available that will take you around the lake and show you the beautiful scenery.

b. Danube River

The Danube River is the second-longest river in Europe, and taking a boat tour down the river is a fantastic way to see the city. There are several boat tours available that will take you past the city’s most iconic landmarks, including Kalemegdan Fortress and the Belgrade skyline.

4. Explore the Nightlife

One of the best things about Belgrade is its bustling nightlife. Whether you are looking for a laid-back evening or a wild night out, there are plenty of options available. Here are some of the best bars and clubs in the city:

a. Brankow

Brankow is a stylish bar that is located in a historic building near the Sava river. The bar has a wide range of drinks, including some of the best cocktails in the city. The atmosphere is relaxed and sophisticated, making it the perfect place for a quiet drink.

b. Frans

Frans is a trendy bar that is located in the heart of Belgrade. The bar has a great selection of drinks, and the atmosphere is lively and energetic. If you are looking for a fun night out, Frans is the place to be.

c. Freestyler

Freestyler is one of Belgrade’s most famous nightclubs, and it is a must-visit for anyone looking for a wild night out. The club is located on a boat on the Sava river, and it has several dance floors and bars. The music is eclectic, and the atmosphere is electric.

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Belgrade is a fascinating city that has something for everyone. Whether you are interested in history, food, nature, or nightlife, there are plenty of things to see and do in this charming city. With this comprehensive guide, you now have all the information you need to plan the perfect trip to Belgrade.

How to Plan Your Private Tour to Avala in Belgrade