How to Plan Your Northern Lights Bus Tour from Reykjavik

The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, draw hopeful travelers to Iceland from across the world, but knowing how to boost your chances of the best sightings requires skill and practice.

1. Pick the Ideal Time

The Northern Lights are best seen during the winter months, from September to April, when the nights are longer and darker. Check the weather forecast for clear skies and low light pollution levels, which increase your chances of witnessing this incredible phenomenon.

2. Choose a Reputable Tour Operator

Research and select a reputable tour operator that offers Northern Lights bus tours from Reykjavik. Look for tour companies with experienced guides who can provide in-depth knowledge about the lights and the best spots for viewing. Reading reviews and checking ratings will help you make an informed decision.

3. Book in Advance

Northern Lights tours in Iceland are popular and tend to sell out quickly, so it’s recommended to book your bus tour in advance. This ensures you secure your spot and have peace of mind before arriving in Reykjavik. Book your Northern Lights bus tour here.

4. Dress Appropriately

Being prepared for the cold weather is crucial. Layer your clothing to stay warm, including thermal undergarments, a fleece or wool sweater, and a waterproof and windproof jacket. Don’t forget to wear warm socks, gloves, a hat, and sturdy footwear to keep yourself comfortable during the tour.

5. Bring Essential Equipment

Make sure to pack essential equipment to enhance your Northern Lights experience. Bring a good camera with manual settings and a tripod to capture the breathtaking beauty of the lights. Also, don’t forget spare batteries, a memory card with sufficient storage, and a flashlight for convenience.

6. Follow the Forecast

Stay updated with the Northern Lights forecast to increase your chances of seeing the lights in their full glory. Websites and smartphone apps provide real-time information on solar activity and geomagnetic storms. Avoid cloudy nights and plan your tour accordingly when the forecast predicts high aurora activity.

7. Be Patient

Patience is key when waiting for the Northern Lights to appear. While some nights offer spectacular displays, others may be less intense or not visible at all. Trust your tour guide and follow their lead to the best observation spots. Remember that nature is unpredictable, and the lights may not always dance across the sky on demand.

8. Enjoy the Surroundings

Even if the Northern Lights are elusive, remember to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Iceland. Take in the breathtaking landscapes, appreciate the stillness of the winter night, and immerse yourself in the unique Icelandic experience. There’s so much more to discover and enjoy beyond the auroras.

9. Stay Safe

During the tour, ensure your safety by following the instructions of your guide and staying within designated areas. Dress warmly, stay hydrated, and inform your guide of any medical conditions or allergies. Always prioritize your well-being to fully relish the Northern Lights experience.

10. Capture Memories and Share

Lastly, don’t forget to capture memories of your Northern Lights adventure. Take incredible photographs and share your experiences with friends and family. Cherish the moments you witnessed one of nature’s most awe-inspiring phenomena.

Planning your Northern Lights bus tour from Reykjavik requires careful preparation and knowledge. Follow these steps to optimize your chances of witnessing the magical Aurora Borealis. Book your tour now for an unforgettable experience!

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How to Plan Your Northern Lights Bus Tour from Reykjavik