How to Plan Your Luxury Day Cruise in Santorini

How to Plan Your Luxury Day Cruise in Santorini

If you are looking for a luxurious way to explore the breathtaking beauty of Santorini, a day cruise is perfect for you. Watch the stunning sunrise over the Caldera, swim in the crystal clear waters, and enjoy a delicious lunch of local delicacies while admiring the stunning views. In this guide, we will provide you with all the details you need to plan your luxury day cruise in Santorini.

Overview of the Tour

This luxury day cruise is a 5-hour tour designed to provide travelers with an unforgettable experience of the beauty of Santorini. This tour is limited to a maximum of 18 travelers for an intimate and personal experience. The tour includes a visit to the stunning Santorini Volcano, which is the jewel of the tour.

What’s Included

This tour includes everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Guests will be provided with the following incomparable features:

  • Round-trip transport by luxury catamaran
  • Snacks
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Lunch
  • Swimming and snorkeling equipment
  • Local guide


You can look forward to enjoying fresh fruit, Greek yogurt, and a selection of freshly baked pastries during the cruise.

Alcoholic Beverages

The onboard bar offers a delicious selection of Greek wines, beers, and soft drinks. Sip on a refreshing cocktail and enjoy the stunning views.


Indulge in a delicious lunch of local delicacies, including freshly grilled seafood, salads, and traditional Greek dishes.

Meeting and Pickup

The tour start time is 9:30 am. The meeting point for the tour is the Vlychada Marina. The marina is easily accessible by taxi, and pickup from your hotel is also available.

Pickup points

Pickup from your hotel is included in the tour package. You can select your preferred pickup point during the booking process.

What to Expect

The highlight of the tour is undoubtedly the visit to the Santorini Volcano. This stunning natural wonder offers visitors the opportunity to walk on the black lava rocks and admire the beauty of the unique volcanic landscape.During the tour, guests can also swim and snorkel in the crystal clear waters, enjoying the peace and quiet of the secluded bays. Guests will be provided with high-quality snorkeling equipment for their convenience.

1. Santorini Volcano

Explore the hidden geological treasures of the island with the visit to the Santorini Volcano. The guide will provide you with insight into the fascinating volcanic history, and you’ll have the opportunity to see stunning views of the Caldera from the top.

2. Swim and Snorkel

Guests can also enjoy swimming and snorkeling in secluded coves and beaches, surrounded by stunning natural beauty.

3. Local Cuisine

Taste the delicious local cuisine during the onboard lunch, with traditional Greek dishes and freshly caught seafood.

Additional Information


Confirmation for the tour will be provided at the time of booking. You will also receive details of the pickup point and time via email.


The tour is not wheelchair accessible. However, infant seats are available, and strollers are permitted on the catamaran.


This tour is suitable for most travelers.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel up to 24 hours in advance of the tour for a full refund. However, if you cancel less than 24 hours before the experience’s start time, the amount paid will not be refunded. Changes made less than 24 hours before the experience’s start time will not be accepted.

Book Your Luxury Day Cruise Here

To book your luxury day cruise in Santorini, visit the following website: book the tour here. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Santorini in luxury and style.

The Top FAQs About Santorini You Need to Know

Santorini is one of the most beautiful and spectacular islands in Greece. The island is located in the Aegean Sea and is famous for its magnificent sunsets, beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, and the unique architecture of its houses. If you are planning to visit Santorini, there are certain questions that you might have in mind. In this blog post, we’ll be answering the top frequently asked questions about Santorini to give you a better understanding of what to expect on your trip.

1. What is the best time to visit Santorini?

Santorini has a Mediterranean climate that is characterized by mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. The best time to visit Santorini is from April to early November when the weather is warm and dry. The peak season is from July to September, and during this time, the island is usually crowded with tourists. If you want to avoid the crowds, consider visiting Santorini in the shoulder season or offseason.

2. How long should I stay in Santorini?

The length of your stay in Santorini depends on your interests and travel plans. If you are a beach lover, you can spend a week on the island, exploring its beautiful beaches and enjoying the warm Mediterranean climate. On the other hand, if you are interested in history, you can spend a few days exploring the ancient ruins and museums on the island. It is recommended to spend at least three to four days on the island to get a taste of everything Santorini has to offer.

3. What are the must-see places in Santorini?

Santorini has a lot of must-see places, including ancient ruins, beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, and unique architecture. The top attractions in Santorini include:

i. Oia Village

Oia is one of the most picturesque villages in Santorini, famous for its white-washed houses, blue-domed churches, and stunning sunsets. A walk through the narrow cobbled streets of Oia is a must-do activity during your visit to Santorini.

ii. Red Beach

Red Beach is a unique beach known for its red volcanic rocks and crystal-clear waters. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Santorini and a perfect spot for swimming and sunbathing.

iii. Akrotiri Archaeological Site

The Akrotiri Archaeological Site is an ancient Minoan city that was destroyed by a volcanic eruption more than 3,500 years ago. It is one of the most significant archaeological sites in Greece and a must-visit for history buffs.

iv. Fira

Fira is the capital of Santorini and a bustling town with a lot of shops, restaurants, and bars. It is a perfect spot for a night out and a great place to explore during the day.

4. What are the transportation options in Santorini?

Santorini has a well-developed transportation system that makes it easy to explore the island. The most common modes of transportation on the island include:

i. Bus

The local bus system in Santorini is a cheap and convenient way to get around the island. The buses connect all the major towns and villages, and the ticket prices are reasonable.

ii. Taxi

Taxis are readily available on the island, and they are more expensive than buses. However, they are a faster and more comfortable option, especially if you are traveling in a group.

iii. Rental Car

If you want to explore the island at your own pace, renting a car is a great option. There are many car rental companies on the island, and the prices are reasonable.

5. What activities can I do in Santorini?

Santorini offers a wide range of activities for visitors to enjoy, including:

i. Wine Tasting

Santorini is famous for its wine, and there are many wineries on the island where you can taste the local wines and learn about the winemaking process.

ii. Boat Tours

Boat tours are a popular activity in Santorini, and they give visitors a chance to explore the island from the sea. There are many boat tours available, including sunset cruises and volcano tours.

iii. Hiking

Santorini has many hiking trails that offer stunning views of the island’s landscapes. Some of the most popular hiking trails include the Fira to Oia trail and the Skaros Rock trail.

iv. Beach Activities

Santorini has many beautiful beaches where you can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and other water sports activities like kayaking and windsurfing.


Santorini is a breathtaking island that offers visitors a unique and unforgettable experience. From its stunning landscapes to its beautiful beaches, there is something for everyone on this magnificent island. We hope that this blog post has answered some of your questions about Santorini and has given you a better understanding of what to expect on your trip.

How to Spend Your Time as a Tourist in Santorini

Santorini is a beautiful and charming destination in Greece with its white cliff-side houses and blue-domed churches overlooking the Aegean Sea. It is a popular vacation spot for tourists from around the world. However, with so many things to see and do, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. In this guide, we will provide you with some tips on how to make the most out of your trip to Santorini.

1. Visit the Caldera

The Caldera is undoubtedly the main attraction of Santorini. It is the result of the volcanic eruption that occurred in 1620 BC, shaping the island’s unique landscape. The best way to see the caldera is by taking a boat tour. Several tour operators offer daily tours from the ports of Fira and Oia. These tours usually last for about five hours, during which travelers will have the opportunity to explore the surrounding villages and swim in the hot springs.

2. Explore the Villages

Santorini’s villages are filled with traditional houses, blue-domed churches, and unique architecture. The two most popular ones are Fira and Oia. Fira is the capital of the island, and it is home to some of the best restaurants and cafes. On the other hand, Oia is famous for its stunning sunsets and picturesque streets. Both villages offer a unique and unforgettable experience for tourists.

3. Visit Ancient Ruins and Museums

Santorini is rich in history and culture. The island was home to several ancient civilizations, such as the Minoans, who inhabited the island during the Bronze Age. The most significant archaeological site is Akrotiri, a Minoan Bronze Age settlement that was destroyed and buried under volcanic ash after the eruption. The Akrotiri Archaeological Site is located on the southern coast of the island and is open to the public.There are also several museums on the island that showcase the island’s history and culture. The Museum of Prehistoric Thira in Fira is a must-visit, as it contains artifacts from the Minoan era. The Folklore Museum in Oia is also worth a visit, as it showcases the traditional lifestyle of Santorini’s locals.

4. Sample the Local Cuisine

The local cuisine in Santorini is a mixture of Greek and Mediterranean influences, making it unique and delicious. With the abundance of fresh seafood, it is no surprise that fish dishes are prominent in local restaurants. Other popular dishes include fava, Greek salad, and moussaka.For a complete dining experience, head over to a traditional taverna, which serves authentic Santorinian dishes made with locally grown ingredients. For those with a sweet tooth, try santorini’s famous dessert, sfogliatelle.

5. Enjoy the Beaches

Santorini may not be famous for its beaches, but it still has a lot to offer. The most famous beach on the island is the Red Beach, located near Akrotiri. It has unique red and black sand and is surrounded by dramatic cliff formations. Other popular beaches include the Perissa and Perivolos beaches, which offer a wide variety of water sports.

6. Watch the Sunset

Santorini is known for its stunning sunsets, and watching the sun go down from Oia is a must-do activity. Tourists flock to the village to capture the perfect shot of the sun slowly sinking into the Aegean Sea. The best time to visit is during the summer months when the weather is warm and clear, allowing for a breathtaking view of the sunset.In conclusion, Santorini is a destination that should be on every traveler’s list. From the Caldera to the beaches and everything in between, there is something for everyone on this charming island. Use this guide to make the most out of your trip and create unforgettable memories.

How to Plan Your Luxury Day Cruise in Santorini