How to Plan Your Day Trip from Marmaris to Rhodes

How to Plan Your Day Trip from Marmaris to Rhodes

Are you planning to visit Marmaris on your holiday and looking for something different to add to your itinerary? Then why not take a day trip to neighboring Greece and visit the beautiful island of Rhodes? With a convenient ferry transfer and hotel pickup and drop-off included, this is an excellent option for those looking to explore beyond Turkey’s borders.


On this tour, you will experience a hassle-free day trip that allows you to explore the charming sites of Rhodes island at your pace. You’ll ride on a fast catamaran from Marmaris port that will take you to Rhodes in just 45 minutes. Upon arrival, you will have a full free day to explore the island, shop, and dine on your own.


Some of the highlights of the day trip include:
  • Getting from Marmaris port to Rhodes in 45 minutes by a fast catamaran.
  • Enjoying a full free day in Rhodes to explore shop and dine on your own.
  • Strolling through the Old Town in Rhodes or finding souvenirs at the bazaar.
  • Enjoy pickup and drop-off to your hotel in Armutalan or İçmeler.
  • Adding to your beach vacation in Turkey by visiting Greece for a day.

Full Description

The day trip to Rhodes includes a round-trip ferry transfer to the island as well as hotel pickup and drop-off from Marmaris. The fast catamaran will take you to the port of Rhodes town in just 45 minutes, which means you will have ample time to enjoy a full day exploring the island. Upon your arrival in Rhodes, you can choose to explore the old town or head to the bazaar for some shopping. The old town of Rhodes is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is famous for its medieval architecture and cobblestone streets. You can also take a stroll along the Mandraki Harbor or visit the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes. The bazaar, on the other hand, is a great place to find souvenirs, spices, and local handicrafts. After a day of exploring, you will head back to the port for your return journey to Marmaris. Take in the stunning views of the Aegean Sea before disembarking at Marmaris port. Your transfer vehicle will be waiting to take you back to your hotel in Armutalan or İçmeler.


Your tour includes the following:
  • Round-trip ferry to Rhodes.
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off in Marmaris.
  • Port taxes (€15).

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With its unique location, Marmaris offers an excellent opportunity to explore neighboring countries while enjoying a beach holiday. The day trip to Rhodes is a popular choice among tourists, and it’s easy to see why. With a convenient and efficient ferry transfer, you can explore one of Greece’s most picturesque islands and still be back at your hotel in Turkey in time for dinner. So, what are you waiting for? Book your tour today and explore beyond Marmaris’s borders with ease. Book your tour here and start planning your adventure today!

Frequently Asked Questions about Marmaris

Marmaris is a popular tourist destination located in the Turkish Riviera. This beautiful coastal town is known for its stunning beaches, crystal clear waters, scenic landscapes, and rich cultural heritage. If you’re planning a trip to Marmaris and have some questions in your mind, this FAQ guide will help you to find the answers.

1. What is the best time to visit Marmaris?

Marmaris is a year-round tourism destination but the best time to visit is from May to October. During this period, the weather is warm and there are plenty of outdoor activities available to enjoy, such as swimming, sunbathing, water sports, hiking, and biking.

2. How do I get to Marmaris?

Marmaris has its own airport, Dalaman, which is about 95km away from Marmaris city center. You can take a direct flight to Dalaman airport from various international destinations. Once you land at the airport, you can hire a taxi or use public transportation to reach Marmaris. Alternatively, you can also take a bus or rent a car and drive to Marmaris from nearby cities.

3. What are the top things to do in Marmaris?

Marmaris offers a wide variety of activities and attractions for visitors, some of the top things to do include:
  • Take a boat tour to explore the beautiful coastline, hidden coves, and islands
  • Visit the Marmaris Castle and Museum to learn about the city’s rich history and culture
  • Relax on the stunning beaches like Cleopatra Beach, Icmeler Beach, and Turunc Beach
  • Experience the excitement of water sports such as windsurfing, waterskiing, and scuba diving
  • Take a walk in the old town and shop for souvenirs, handmade crafts, and local delicacies

4. What is the local currency and what payment methods are accepted?

The local currency in Marmaris is Turkish Lira (TRY). You can exchange your currency at banks or exchange offices located throughout the city. ATMs are also widely available. Credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted at most restaurants, hotels, and shops.

5. What is the local cuisine of Marmaris?

Marmaris offers a variety of delicious local cuisine, influenced by Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors. Some signature dishes include:
  • Seafood – Freshly caught fish and seafood cooked in various styles
  • Kebabs – Grilled meat skewers served with vegetables and spices
  • Pide – Turkish pizza with various toppings
  • Manti – Turkish ravioli filled with ground beef and served with yogurt sauce
  • Baklava – Sweet pastry made of layers of phyllo dough filled with nuts and honey syrup

6. What is the nightlife like in Marmaris?

Marmaris has a lively and vibrant nightlife, with plenty of bars, pubs, and nightclubs that stay open until the early hours of the morning. Bar Street is the main party destination in Marmaris, offering a variety of themed bars, live music, and DJs.

7. What are the best accommodations in Marmaris?

Marmaris offers a wide variety of accommodations to suit every budget and preference. Some of the best options include:
  • Hotels – There are many luxury hotels, all-inclusive resorts, and budget hotels available throughout the city.
  • Apartments and Villas – For those who prefer self-catering or want more privacy, there are plenty of apartments and villas available for rent in Marmaris.
  • Camping – There are a few campsites located near the city, offering a budget-friendly option for nature lovers.

8. Can I hire a car in Marmaris?

Yes, you can easily rent a car in Marmaris from various rental companies located throughout the city. However, be aware that driving in Marmaris may be challenging due to narrow roads and heavy traffic during peak season. It’s important to have a valid driving license and insurance before renting a car.

9. Is it safe to travel to Marmaris?

Yes, Marmaris is generally a safe place to visit for tourists. However, like any other city, it’s important to take basic safety precautions such as avoiding dark and isolated areas at night, keeping your valuables safe, and staying aware of your surroundings. Also, it’s recommended to carry a copy of your passport and travel insurance with you at all times.

10. What is the duration of a typical stay in Marmaris?

The duration of your stay in Marmaris depends on your interests and budget. However, a typical stay may vary from 3 to 7 nights. This gives enough time to explore the city, indulge in various activities, and relax on the pristine beaches.

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Marmaris is a beautiful and vibrant city in Turkey, offering plenty of attractions and activities for tourists. With its stunning beaches, delicious cuisine, rich history, and lively nightlife, Marmaris is a must-visit destination for anyone planning a trip to Turkey. We hope this FAQ guide has answered some of your burning questions and helped you plan your perfect holiday in Marmaris.

How to Spend Your Time as a Tourist in Marmaris

Marmaris is a beautiful coastal town located in the southwest of Turkey. It is a popular tourist destination for its stunning beaches, clear water, and beautiful natural landscapes. Here is a guide for tourists on how to spend their time in Marmaris.

1. Visit the Marmaris Castle and Museum

Visiting the Marmaris Castle and Museum is a great way to start your tour in Marmaris. The castle, built-in 1522, is an important historical landmark in the town. You can see the old city walls, watchtowers, and military barracks that were used during the Ottoman period. The Marmaris Museum is located within the castle walls and houses many artifacts and exhibits from the region’s rich history. You can learn about the town’s ancient civilizations, traditional costumes, and local handicrafts. You can also enjoy the panoramic view of Marmaris Bay from the castle.

2. Go to the Beach

Marmaris is famous for its stunning beaches, and it is one of the primary reasons that this town attracts so many tourists each year. Whether you want a quiet, secluded beach or a lively one, Marmaris has something to offer. Some of the popular beaches in Marmaris include Marmaris Beach, İçmeler Beach, Turunç Beach, and Amos Beach. All these beaches offer various water sports and other activities such as jet skiing, parasailing, and banana boat rides. You can also relax on the beach and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

3. Take a Boat Tour

Marmaris is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes and beautiful crystal clear water. One of the best ways to explore these natural wonders is by taking a boat tour. Boat tours are available from the harbor, and you can choose from a range of options that suit your interests and budget. Some of the popular tours include Dalyan Mud Baths, Cleopatra Island, and Mediterranean Delight tours. You can enjoy swimming in the pristine water, explore caves and secluded bays, and experience the beautiful sunset.

4. Visit the Dalyan Mud Baths

The Dalyan Mud Baths are a popular natural attraction located near Marmaris. The mud baths are said to have therapeutic properties and are believed to improve skin condition and blood circulation. You can soak in the mud baths and then wash off in the hot springs. The Dalyan Mud Baths are also home to the ancient rock-cut Lycian tombs, which you can explore during the tour. The tombs have been carved into the hills over 2400 years ago and offer a unique view of the region’s ancient history.

5. Explore the Old Town

Marmaris old town is a charming place to explore, and it has a wealth of attractions for visitors. You can stroll along the narrow streets, visit the local bazaars, and shop for traditional souvenirs. Some of the popular attractions in the old town include the Grand Bazaar, Marmaris Amphitheater, and Hafsa Sultan Caravanserai. You can also sample local Turkish delicacies such as kebabs, baklava, and Turkish delight.

6. Visit the Aqua Dream Water Park

If you are traveling with kids, then a visit to the Aqua Dream Water Park is a must. The water park is located on the outskirts of Marmaris and offers a range of thrilling water slides, wave pools, and lazy river rides. The Aqua Dream Water Park also has many restaurants, cafes, and shops where you can relax and enjoy delicious food and drinks.

7. Try Scuba Diving

Marmaris has excellent scuba diving sites, and it is an ideal place for those who want to explore the underwater world. You can dive in the crystal clear water, and you will encounter a wide variety of marine life such as colorful fish, octopuses, and sea turtles. Several diving centers offer courses for beginners and advanced divers. You can also rent equipment and experience the thrill of diving.

Final Thoughts

Marmaris is a beautiful place to visit, and there are many things to do and see. By following this guide, you will have an unforgettable experience in this charming coastal town. Be sure to plan your trip well and enjoy everything that Marmaris has to offer.

How to Plan Your Day Trip from Marmaris to Rhodes