How to Plan Your 5 Days Photography Tour in Yerevan

How to Plan Your 5 Days Photography Tour in Yerevan

If you’re interested in exploring beautiful Armenia and capturing its unique culture, history, and landscapes on camera, then you may want to consider booking the 5 Days Photography Tour in Yerevan offered by Gira Travel. This private tour allows you to travel at your own pace with a professional driver and private air-conditioned vehicle, while also enjoying the expertise of an experienced guide who will take you to the most picturesque spots in Armenia. Here’s how to plan your trip to ensure you have a memorable experience.


The 5 Days Photography Tour in Yerevan is a carefully curated itinerary that showcases the best of Armenia’s natural, cultural, and historical sites. The tour includes a professional driver, private transportation, fuel surcharge, parking fee, flight ticket, entry tickets to attractions, and accommodation. You’ll explore Armenia’s capital, Yerevan, and its surroundings, visit ancient monasteries, and enjoy stunning views of Mount Ararat.

What’s Included

This private tour includes the following:
  1. Professional driver
  2. Transport by private air-conditioned vehicle
  3. Fuel surcharge and parking fee
  4. Flight ticket
  5. Entry tickets to attractions
  6. Accommodation

Meeting and Pickup

The tour operator offers convenient pickup at several locations in Yerevan, including hotels, airports, and other landmarks. You can select a pickup point that is most convenient for you when you book the tour.

What to Expect

During the 5 days of the tour, you’ll explore some of the most beautiful and historic sites in Armenia. Here are some of the highlights:

Day 1: Yerevan City Tour

On the first day of the tour, you’ll explore Yerevan and learn about its rich history, culture, and architecture. You’ll visit Republic Square, Tsitsernakaberd Memorial Park, Matenadaran Museum, and Vernissage Market.

Day 2: Garni Temple and Geghard Monastery

On the second day of the tour, you’ll visit the ancient temple of Garni, which dates back to the 1st century AD and is dedicated to the sun god Mihr. You’ll also explore Geghard Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is partially carved into a mountain and contains stunning medieval frescoes.

Day 3: Lake Sevan and Dilijan Town

On the third day of the tour, you’ll enjoy a scenic drive along Lake Sevan, one of the largest freshwater high-altitude lakes in the world. You’ll also explore Dilijan, a charming town known for its traditional architecture, arts, and crafts.

Day 4: Khor Virap Monastery and Noravank Monastery

On the fourth day of the tour, you’ll visit Khor Virap Monastery, which is located near the border with Turkey and offers amazing views of Mount Ararat. You’ll also visit Noravank Monastery, a masterpiece of Armenian medieval architecture that is nestled in a rocky canyon.

Day 5: Echmiadzin and Zvartnots

On the final day of the tour, you’ll visit Echmiadzin, the spiritual and administrative center of the Armenian Apostolic Church and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll also explore the ruins of Zvartnots Cathedral, a 7th-century masterpiece of Armenian architecture.

Additional Info

Here are some additional things you should know before booking the 5 Days Photography Tour in Yerevan:
  • Confirmation will be received at the time of booking.
  • The tour is not wheelchair accessible.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult.
  • The tour is offered in English and Russian, but other languages may be available upon request, and prices may vary.
  • Most travelers can participate.
  • This is a private tour/activity. Only your group will participate.
  • The tour is operated by Gira Travel.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your booking for the 5 Days Photography Tour in Yerevan, here are some details about the cancellation policy:
  • You can cancel up to 24 hours in advance of the experience for a full refund.
  • To receive a full refund, you must cancel at least 24 hours before the experience’s start time.
  • If you cancel less than 24 hours before the experience’s start time, you will not receive a refund.
  • If you make any changes less than 24 hours before the experience’s start time, the tour operator may charge you additional fees.

Book the Tour Here

To book the 5 Days Photography Tour in Yerevan, visit the following link: book the tour here. You’ll be able to select your preferred pickup point and language, and pay securely online. Once you’ve booked your tour, you’ll receive a confirmation email with all the details you need to enjoy your Armenian adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Yerevan

Yerevan is the capital and the largest city in Armenia. It is a city with a rich history and a vibrant culture. Here are some frequently asked questions about Yerevan, along with their answers.

1. What is the population of Yerevan?

Yerevan has a population of approximately 1 million people, making it the largest city in Armenia.

2. What is the currency used in Yerevan?

The currency used in Yerevan is the Armenian dram (AMD). 1 USD is approximately 480 AMD, but exchange rates may vary.

3. What is the weather like in Yerevan?

Yerevan has a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and cold winters. The average temperature in July is around 28°C, while in January it drops to around 0°C.

4. What are the top attractions in Yerevan?

Yerevan has many top attractions, including:
  • The Armenian Genocide Memorial Complex
  • The Matenadaran
  • The Cascade Complex
  • The Republic Square
  • The Vernissage Market

5. What is the best time to visit Yerevan?

The best time to visit Yerevan is during the spring and autumn seasons, when the weather is mild and pleasant. The months of April and May and September and October are ideal for visiting.

6. What is the local cuisine like in Yerevan?

The local cuisine in Yerevan is a blend of Armenian, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean influences. Some popular dishes include:
  • Khorovats (barbecued meat)
  • Harissa (a porridge made from wheat and meat)
  • Armenian dolma (stuffed grape leaves)
  • Lahmacun (Armenian pizza)

7. What languages are spoken in Yerevan?

The official language spoken in Yerevan is Armenian. However, many people also speak Russian and English.

8. What is the nightlife scene like in Yerevan?

Yerevan has a vibrant nightlife scene with many bars, clubs, and restaurants open until the early hours of the morning. The city is especially lively on weekends.

9. What is the transportation like in Yerevan?

Yerevan has an extensive public transportation system, including buses, minibusses, and a metro. Taxis are also readily available and affordable.

10. Are there any cultural events in Yerevan?

Yerevan hosts many cultural events throughout the year, including the Yerevan Wine Days festival, the Golden Apricot Yerevan International Film Festival, and the Jazz and Blues Festival. In conclusion, Yerevan is a city worth visiting for its rich history, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality. With its top attractions, delicious cuisine, and lively nightlife scene, there is something for everyone in Yerevan. Make sure to plan your trip well, and enjoy exploring all that this city has to offer.

How to Spend Your Time as a Tourist in Yerevan

Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia, has been attracting tourists from all over the world for generations. Known for its rich cultural heritage, stunning monuments, and friendly locals, Yerevan is an ideal place for visitors who are looking for a unique travel experience. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to spend your time as a tourist in Yerevan, Armenia to make the most of your stay.

1. Explore the City’s Landmarks:

If you are visiting Yerevan for the first time, you should explore the city’s landmarks first to get a better understanding of its cultural heritage. The best way to do this is to take a guided tour of the city. Here are some of the top landmarks to visit in Yerevan:

a. Matenadaran:

The Matenadaran is a repository of ancient manuscripts and books that date back to the medieval period. With over 17,000 manuscripts in its collection, the Matenadaran is a must-visit place for anyone interested in history and literature.

b. The Cascade:

The Cascade is a massive stairway that leads up to a hilltop park, offering stunning views of Yerevan. The Cascade is also home to a great number of outdoor sculptures and hosts numerous art exhibitions throughout the year.

c. Republic Square:

Republic Square is the central square of Yerevan, and it’s surrounded by many important landmarks, such as the National Gallery, History Museum of Armenia, and the Government House.

d. Erebuni Fortress:

Erebuni Fortress is an ancient citadel and fortress that dates back to the eighth century BC. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site, and it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in Yerevan.

2. Visit the Museums:

Yerevan is home to numerous museums that showcase the country’s history, culture, art, and science. Here are some of the top museums to visit in Yerevan:

a. Armenian Genocide Museum:

The Armenian Genocide Museum is dedicated to the memory of the Armenian Genocide, which took place during the Ottoman Empire in 1915. The museum has a rich collection of documents, photos, and artifacts that provide an insight into the tragic event.

b. History Museum of Armenia:

The History Museum of Armenia showcases Armenia’s history and culture from prehistoric times to the modern era. It’s a great place to learn about Armenia’s rich heritage.

c. Cafesjian Museum of Art:

The Cafesjian Museum of Art is a world-class museum that houses a large collection of contemporary and modern art. The museum is located in the Cascade complex and offers a stunning view of the city.

d. Matenadaran Research Institute of Ancient Manuscripts:

The Matenadaran Research Institute of Ancient Manuscripts is a research institute and museum that is dedicated to the study and preservation of ancient Armenian manuscripts.

3. Enjoy the Armenian Cuisine:

One of the best things about travelling to Armenia is the food. The country has a rich culinary tradition, and Yerevan is home to some of the best restaurants in the region. Here are some of the top dishes that you should try in Yerevan:

a. Khorovats:

Khorovats is a traditional Armenian barbecue that is made with marinated meat (usually beef or lamb) grilled over an open flame.

b. Dolma:

Dolma is a dish made with stuffed grape leaves that are usually filled with rice, meat, and spices. There are many variations of Dolma, and it’s a common dish in Armenian cuisine.

c. Lavash:

Lavash is a traditional Armenian flatbread that is made with flour, water, and salt. It’s a staple in Armenian cuisine and is usually served as an accompaniment to other dishes.

d. Harissa:

Harissa is a traditional Armenian porridge made with cracked wheat and meat (usually chicken or lamb). It’s a hearty meal that is usually served during the winter months.

4. Get Out of the City:

While Yerevan has a lot to offer, there are many other places in Armenia that are worth visiting. Here are some great day trips that you can take from Yerevan:

a. Garni Temple:

The Garni Temple is an ancient pagan temple that dates back to the first century AD. It’s the only Hellenistic-style temple in the region and offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

b. Geghard Monastery:

The Geghard Monastery is a medieval monastery that dates back to the fourth century. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site and showcases Armenian architecture at its finest.

c. Lake Sevan:

Lake Sevan is a massive lake that is located in the Gegharkunik Province of Armenia. It’s one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

d. Khor Virap Monastery:

The Khor Virap Monastery is a 17th-century Armenian Apostolic Church monastery that is located in the Ararat Province. The monastery offers stunning views of Mount Ararat and is a popular destination for pilgrims.

Book Your Tour Now

In conclusion, Yerevan is a fantastic travel destination that offers a unique travel experience. With its rich cultural heritage, stunning landmarks, delicious food, and friendly locals, Yerevan is a must-visit destination for anyone who is interested in exploring the world. By following this guide, you can make the most of your time in Yerevan and explore the city’s many offerings. Bon voyage!

How to Plan Your 5 Days Photography Tour in Yerevan