The 5 Best Guided Tours in Florence

Florence, the heart of Tuscany, is widely recognized as the epicenter of Italian Renaissance. With its breathtaking architecture, iconic landmarks, world-class museums, and charming streets, Florence attracts millions of tourists from all around the globe every year. To make the most out of the visit, hiring a professional guide is an excellent idea. To help you plan your itinerary, we have compiled a list of the best-guided tours in Florence that cater to different interests and preferences. Join us as we explore the must-visit attractions and hidden gems of this enchanting city with the expert guidance of local professionals.

The 5 Best Guided Tours in Florence

  1. Climb the Dome Florence Cathedral Guided Hiking
  2. Florence Dome and Dome Monuments a Full Guided Experience
  3. Uffizi Gallery of Florence Skip the Line Small Group Guided Museum Tour
  4. Skip the Line Uffizi Museum and Galleries Private Guided Tour for Kids and Families in Florence
  5. Academy Gallery Guided Tour the David by Michelangelo

The 5 Best Guided Tours in Florence

1. Climb the Dome Florence Cathedral Guided Hiking

Climb the Dome Florence Cathedral Guided Hiking is a must-try activity when visiting Florence. With a local guide, you will have the chance to explore the iconic Florence Cathedral and climb the dome of Brunelleschi, which is the orange-brick cupola of the cathedral located high above the city’s rooftops.

This one-hour guided tour includes stories about the history of the cathedral and the city, as told by the certified guide. You’ll walk up 463 steps to reach the top of the dome, where you can admire the panoramic views of Florence. Giorgio Vasari’s fresco of The Last Judgement is also a must-see while you’re up there.

Aside from the dome, you’ll have access to the bell tower, which you can explore at your leisure. The tour includes a fast-entrance ticket for the museum, making your experience more seamless.

The meeting point is at Piazza di San Giovanni 30, which is located on the corner between Duomo square and via de’ Martelli. The tour starts at 4:30 PM and ends at the same location. The package includes transport, hotel pickup, and drop-off. Gratuities are also included in the package.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable adventure in Florence, the Climb the Dome Florence Cathedral Guided Hiking should be on your itinerary.

2. Florence Dome and Dome Monuments a Full Guided Experience

Explore the crown jewel of Florence inside and out with the Florence Dome and Dome Monuments a Full Guided Experience. This tour includes a climb to the top of the cupola for magnificent views of the city and the grand cathedral below. With timed entry to the popular Florence Duomo, you will skip the line and learn the stories and secrets behind Florence’s most recognizable landmark from a professional art historian guide.

Inside the Opera del Duomo Museum, you will admire the original baptistery “Doors of Paradise” and other Renaissance relics as your guide shares the history of Brunelleschi’s medieval feat of engineering. You will also see devotional art by Michelangelo and Donatello at the Duomo museum.

Headsets are provided so you can hear the guide clearly, and hotel pickup and drop-off are included. The meeting point is at the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Piazza del Duomo 50122 Firenze FI Italy. The tour starts at 11:00 AM.

3. Uffizi Gallery of Florence Skip the Line Small Group Guided Museum Tour

The Uffizi Gallery is home to some of the most priceless Renaissance treasures in Italy. However, the entry queues can be quite long, making it less attractive for visitors. With this small-group skip-the-line tour, you can explore the gallery with a guide, bypassing the queues altogether. You will get to admire famous artworks such as Botticelli’s Primavera and Birth of Venus while your guide reveals the hidden secrets behind them. You will also discover the fascinating stories of other masterpieces by Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. The small-group tour is limited to seven people, ensuring an intimate and personalized experience. The tour price includes a professional guide, but it does not cover hotel pickup or drop-off. Get ready to explore the Uffizi like a true Renaissance connoisseur with this exclusive small-group guided tour!

4. Skip the Line Uffizi Museum and Galleries Private Guided Tour for Kids and Families in Florence

This private guided tour of the Uffizi Gallery is perfect for families with children who want to avoid the long lines and discover the world of art history in a fun and interactive way. With skip-the-line access, a professional kid-friendly guide and various games and quizzes, this 2.5-hour tour is tailored to keep the whole family entertained. You’ll have the chance to admire world-famous works of art by artists such as da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael, and your guide will make sure that the tour is customized to your interests. Hotel pickup and drop-off are included for your convenience. Meet your guide in Piazza della Signoria for a morning or afternoon departure.

5. Academy Gallery Guided Tour the David by Michelangelo

Explore the Accademia Gallery, one of Florence’s top attractions, on a guided tour that focuses on Michelangelo’s masterpiece “David” and other important works. With fast-track entrance and a knowledgeable guide, you can learn about the history and significance of these works of art in just about an hour. The added benefit of earphones ensures that you won’t miss any of the guide’s insights about Michelangelo’s life and work. This small-group tour is limited to 14 people for a more personal experience. Meeting point is at Via dei Castellani 14 in Florence. Entrance tickets, priority entrance, guide for one hour, and earphones are all included in the tour. Food and drinks, pick up and return to the hotel, and optional tips are not included. Don’t miss the chance to see one of the world’s most famous statues and other important masterpieces on this express tour.

10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Florence

Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, is a beautiful city in the Tuscany region of Italy, and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. From the Duomo to Michelangelo’s David, there are plenty of things to see and do in Florence. However, there are a few common questions that tourists ask when planning their trip to this magical city. In this blog post, we will answer these questions to help you make the most of your visit to Florence.

1. What is the best time to visit Florence?

The best time to visit Florence is in the shoulder seasons of spring (April-June) and fall (September-November). The weather is mild, and the crowds are smaller than in the peak season of summer (July-August), which can get very hot and crowded.

2. How expensive is Florence?

Florence is an expensive city, especially during the peak season. However, there are many ways to save money without sacrificing the quality of your trip. You can choose to stay in an Airbnb, eat at local restaurants instead of tourist traps, and use public transportation instead of taxis.

3. What is the best way to get around Florence?

The best way to get around Florence is on foot. The city is relatively small, and most of the main sights are in the historic center. However, if you need to go further out, you can use the bus system or the modern tramway.

4. What are the must-see attractions in Florence?

Florence is home to many attractions, but some of the must-see ones include:

  • The Duomo (Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore) and its dome
  • The Uffizi Gallery
  • The Accademia Gallery, which houses Michelangelo’s David
  • The Ponte Vecchio bridge
  • The Palazzo Vecchio

5. Do I need to book tickets in advance for the museums?

Yes, it’s highly recommended to book tickets in advance for the museums to avoid long queues. You can book tickets online on the official websites of the museums or use a city pass like the Firenze Card.

6. What is the dress code for visiting religious sites in Florence?

When visiting religious sites in Florence, it’s important to dress in a respectful manner. This means no shorts or skirts above the knee, no sleeveless shirts, and no hats. Remember that you’re visiting a sacred place, and you should dress accordingly.

7. Is it safe to walk around Florence at night?

Florence is generally a safe city, and it’s safe to walk around at night. However, it’s always a good idea to be aware of your surroundings and avoid walking alone in poorly lit areas.

8. What’s the best way to see Florence in a day?

If you only have a day in Florence, it’s best to focus on the main attractions in the historic center. Start with the Duomo and climb to the top for a stunning view of the city. Then, visit the Uffizi Gallery and the Accademia Gallery (book tickets in advance). Afterward, stroll along the Ponte Vecchio and explore the streets of the Oltrarno neighborhood.

9. Where can I find the best gelato in Florence?

Florence is famous for its gelato, and there are many great gelaterias to choose from. Some of the best ones include Gelateria dei Neri, La Carraia, and Vivoli.

10. What’s the best way to experience the local cuisine in Florence?

The best way to experience the local cuisine in Florence is to eat at local restaurants and trattorias that serve traditional dishes. Some of the must-try dishes include bistecca alla Fiorentina (Florentine T-bone steak), panzanella (bread salad), ribollita (soup), and cantucci (biscotti).

How to Spend Your Time as a Tourist in Florence

Florence, the capital of Tuscany, Italy, is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. The city, dubbed the “Cradle of the Renaissance,” boasts of an incredible mixture of art, culture, history, and architecture. Tourists can look forward to an unforgettable adventure while exploring the city’s rich history, exquisite delicacies, and remarkable art galleries. In this guide, we will highlight some of the must-visit tourist attractions within the city and how to make the most out of your time in Florence.

1. Visit the Accademia Gallery and the Uffizi Gallery

Art lovers touring Florence must visit the Accademia Gallery and the Uffizi Gallery. These two Art museums boast of magnificent artwork from extraordinary artists such as Michelangelo, Sandro Botticelli, and Leonardo da Vinci. During peak season, queues to these museums can get long; therefore, it is advisable to purchase a ticket in advance to save time. Many museums in Florence are closed on Mondays, except for the Uffizi Gallery, which remains open even on Mondays.

2. Explore the Historic Centre of Florence

The stunning historic center of Florence with its endless piazzas, impressive basilicas, and narrow streets, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many tourist attractions are located within this center, including the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, the Piazza della Signoria, and the Galleria dell’Accademia. Walking around the historic center is the best way to explore, while sightseeing buses are available for tourists looking for a ride. Be sure to check out the Piazza della Repubblica as you go; it’s a great place to rest, grab some ice cream, and take a few pictures.

3. Indulge in Tuscan Cuisine

Tuscan cuisine is one of the most renowned Italian cuisines, and Florence is an excellent place to sample some of the region’s delicious delicacies. Food markets such as the Mercato Centrale offer some of the best street food in Florence. For those seeking a more traditional Italian dining experience, Il Latini is a classic restaurant that serves amazing Florentine steak. While indulging in the delightful cuisine, be sure to wash it down with some Chianti wine – a Tuscan specialty.

4. Visit Florence’s Oltrarno Neighborhood

The Oltrarno neighborhood on the south side of the Arno river is one of Florence’s most charming districts. The neighborhood is home to the Pitti Palace, a beautiful Renaissance-style palace, Boboli Gardens, a stunning garden with beautiful views of Florence’s skyline, and the Santo Spirito church – a beautiful church with impressive artwork. Take a stroll around the neighborhood, check out the independent shops, and soak up Florence’s beautiful scenery while enjoying some delicious gelato.

5. Climb the Bell Tower of Giotto’s Campanile

The Campanile, also known as the bell tower of Florence, is one of the city’s most iconic structures. The tower is part of the city’s Cathedral complex and offers fantastic views of the city and the other magnificent structures within the Cathedral complex. The climb to the top can be tiring, but it is an experience like no other. Those who make it to the top are rewarded with an incredible view of Florence’s skyline.

6. Take a Walk Along the Arno River

The Arno River adds to Florence’s impressive scenery, and a walk along the riverbanks can be an excellent way to relax while enjoying Florence’s beauty. The riverside is also home to the famous Ponte Vecchio – a medieval bridge built in the 14th-century which attracts tourists and locals alike. Take a stroll across the bridge, and you’ll find narrow shops that sell jewelry, handmade items, and souvenirs. Photographers will also greatly enjoy the scenic view of the bridge and the riverbank.


Florence is an excellent destination for a tourist with a wide range of attractions. The above-listed tourist attractions and activities can help you make the most out of your time in Florence. You can choose to explore the city’s history, appreciate the exquisite art galleries, enjoy the delicious cuisine or relax around the city’s charming districts. Florence is undoubtedly an excellent destination for a memorable vacation or a short trip to recharge.

The 5 Best Guided Tours in Florence