The 1 Best Chania Pub Crawls

Chania, a picturesque port town in western Crete, is widely known for its vibrant nightlife scene. With numerous bars and pubs scattered throughout the city, finding the best places to experience Chania’s nightlife can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top pub crawls in Chania to help you navigate through the city’s bustling streets and explore some of the best local drinking spots. Whether you’re a seasoned bar hopper or just looking to have a few drinks with friends, this guide will lead you to some of the best pubs and bars in the city to make your night out in Chania a memorable one.

The 1 Best Chania Pub Crawls

  1. The Path to Cretan Beers Tour – Chania

The 1 Best Chania Pub Crawls

1. The Path to Cretan Beers Tour – Chania

The Path to Cretan Beers Tour – Chania takes you on a gastronomic journey through the streets of Chania to experience the finest local brews. We will start with a can of cool Cretan beer per person to awaken your taste buds, followed by a sampling of Cretan beer paired with tapas, served in a local cafe loved by the residents. Next, we will head to a hip restaurant with a terrace for a sample of Cretan beer as we take in breathtaking views. Our next stop will be a local craft beer pub where you will enjoy another sample of Cretan beer. We will finish our tour with beer on tap paired with dessert served in a restaurant in the Old Venetian Harbour of Chania. This tour includes alcoholic beverages, snacks, and a Bonnie and Clyde souvenir. Additionally, private transportation and gratuities are also included. The meeting point is at Chalidon Street across from the 1866 Square, and the start time is 12:00 PM. Our last stop is at Akti Enoseos at the Old Venetian Harbour of Chania. Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the tour start time.

Frequently Asked Questions by Tourists About the City Chania

Are you planning to visit the charming city of Chania in Greece? If yes, then you might be curious to know some frequently asked questions by tourists. Here are some of the most common queries answered for your convenience!

Question 1: When is the Best Time to Visit Chania?

The ideal time for visiting Chania is during the months of April to October. During these months, the temperature ranges between 20-30°C, making it perfect weather for outdoor activities like sightseeing, beach hopping, and more. However, the peak season runs from July to August, meaning the influx of tourists may increase the crowd and prices of accommodation.

Question 2: How to Reach Chania?

There are plenty of ways to reach Chania, whether you are traveling domestically or internationally. If you arrive by air, Chania International Airport (CHQ) is the closest airport, located around 14 km from the city center. You can also take a ferry from Piraeus, the main port of Athens, to Souda Port, located at a distance of 7 km from the city.

Question 3: Where to Stay in Chania?

Chania is a popular tourist destination, so you can expect some fantastic accommodation options in the city. You can select any hotels, villas, apartments, or B&B that suits your budget and preference. However, if you want to experience the authentic culture, you can opt to stay in Chania old town. The Old Town of Chania is considered one of the most romantic destinations, with beautiful Venetian buildings, narrow cobblestone streets, and restaurants serving traditional Greek dishes.

Question 4: What are the Must-Visit Attractions in Chania?

There is no dearth of unforgettable attractions in Chania, from modern beach clubs to ancient ruins. Some of the must-visit attractions include:

1. Chania Old Town

The charming old town of Chania is one of the top attractions in Greece, and for a good reason. The town is home to a picturesque Venetian harbor, maze-like streets, and alleys, and seaside restaurants serving fresh seafood.

2. Agia Marina Beach

Agia Marina Beach is one of the best beaches in Chania, located in the northwest of Crete. The beach boasts crystal clear waters and soft sands, making it ideal for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports.

3. Samaria Gorge

If you love hiking, plan a visit to Samaria Gorge, one of the longest gorges in Europe. The route is around 16 km long and is divided into several sections, ending at a beautiful pebble beach.

4. The Archaeological Museum of Chania

The Archaeological Museum of Chania is a paradise for history buffs, showcasing a collection of ancient artifacts and exhibits from the prehistoric and classical times.

Question 5: How to Explore Chania?

Chania is an easy place to explore, but you might need different types of transportation according to your preference. Here are some of the best modes of transportation to explore Chania:

1. Rent a Car

Renting a car is the best option to explore Chania and its surroundings, especially if you want to travel at your own pace. There are several rental agencies available that offer a range of vehicles from economy to luxury.

2. Hire a Bike

Another eco-friendly way to explore the city and its surroundings is by renting a bike. Chania has plenty of bike rental agencies from which you can rent a bike and unleash your explorer mode.

3. Public Transportation

The public transport system in Chania is well-connected and affordable. The city has several bus routes that connect it to the rest of Crete. The tickets are available on the bus, but it’s cheaper if you buy it beforehand.

Question 6: What are the Best Restaurants in Chania?

Chania is a foodie’s paradise, with plenty of restaurants serving delicious traditional Cretan cuisine, seafood dishes, and more. Here are some of the best restaurants in Chania:

1. Tamam

Tamam is an excellent restaurant located in the heart of Chania. The restaurant boasts a friendly atmosphere and serves traditional Cretan dishes using local ingredients.

2. The Well of the Turk

The Well of the Turk is a stunning restaurant located in a Venetian building. The restaurant serves a fusion of Turkish and Greek cuisine and offers a romantic atmosphere, perfect for couples.

3. Thalassino Ageri

Thalassino Ageri is located right on the waterfront, making it ideal for seafood lovers. The restaurant offers a wide range of sea dishes and local wines.

Question 7: What are the Best Beach Clubs in Chania?

Chania has some of the best beach clubs in Greece, featuring DJs, cocktails, and a party atmosphere. Here are some of the best beach clubs in Chania:

1. Ammos Beach Club

Ammos Beach Club is located in the city center and offers comfortable sun-loungers, cocktails, and an ambient setting.

2. Iguana Beach Club

The Iguana Beach Club is located on the popular Agia Marina Beach and boasts an impressive list of cocktails, as well as themed parties.

3. Bahia Mare Beach Bar

Bahia Mare Beach Bar is located in the northwest of the city and has a great range of alcoholic beverages, snacks, and a chill-out atmosphere.In

How to Spend Your Time as a Tourist in Chania

If you are planning a trip to Chania and wondering how to make the most of your time, this guide is for you. Chania is a beautiful coastal city in Crete, Greece, that offers a rich history, beautiful beaches, and delicious food. Here are some things you shouldn’t miss while visiting:

1. Visit the Old Venetian Harbor

The Old Venetian Harbor is one of the most iconic landmarks in Chania. It is a picturesque area that dates back to the 14th century when Venetians ruled Crete. Today, it is a lively hub of restaurants, cafes, and shops. Take a stroll along the promenade and enjoy the beautiful views of the sea and the colorful buildings. You can also take a boat tour around the harbor and admire the Venetian lighthouse.

2. Explore the Old Town

Chania’s Old Town is a maze of narrow streets, alleys, and courtyards that will transport you back in time. The Old Town is a delightful mix of Venetian, Ottoman, and Greek architecture. You will find beautiful buildings, charming cafes, and boutique shops. Among the most popular attractions are the Archaeological Museum of Chania, the Naval Museum of Crete, and the Mosque of the Janissaries.

3. Visit the Agora Market

When in Chania, visiting the local market is a must. The Agora Market is a lively spot where locals come to buy fresh produce, meat, and seafood. You can also find souvenirs, herbs, and spices. The market is open every day except Sunday, and it’s a great place to experience the local culture.

4. Relax on the Beach

Chania has some of the most beautiful beaches in Crete. Some of the most popular ones are Elafonissi, Balos, and Falassarna. Elafonissi is known for its pink sand and turquoise waters, Balos is a beach with crystal-clear waters, and Falassarna is famous for its sunset views. All three beaches are located outside Chania city, but they are worth the trip.

5. Try the Local Cuisine

Greek cuisine is world-renowned, and Chania is no exception. There are plenty of restaurants in the Old Town that offer traditional Cretan dishes. Some of the most popular dishes are dakos, a type of Cretan bruschetta, kalitsounia, a type of Cretan pie, and boureki, a type of vegetable pie. Don’t forget to try the local wine and raki, a traditional Cretan spirit.

6. Hike the Samaria Gorge

For the adventurous types, hiking the Samaria Gorge is a must. The Samaria Gorge is a national park located in the White Mountains of Crete. The park is home to many endemic species, such as the Cretan wild goat and the kri-kri. The gorge is 16 kilometers long, and the hike takes around 5-7 hours, but the views are breathtaking.

7. Visit the Botanical Park and Gardens of Crete

The Botanical Park and Gardens of Crete is a beautiful attraction located outside Chania city. The park covers an area of 20 hectares and is home to many endemic plants and trees of Crete. The park also has a small zoo, a restaurant, and a souvenir shop. The botanical park is perfect for a relaxing day out with family or friends.

8. Take a Wine Tasting Tour

Chania is known for its wine culture, and there are many wineries located outside Chania city that offer wine tasting tours. The tours usually include a guided tour of the vineyards, a presentation of the winemaking process, and a tasting of the wines. Some of the most popular wineries are the Manousakis Winery and the Dourakis Winery.

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Chania is a city that offers something for everyone, from history buffs to beach lovers. You can spend your days exploring the Old Town, relaxing on the beach, or hiking the Samaria Gorge. Don’t forget to try the local cuisine and wine, and immerse yourself in the local culture. Chania is a city that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

The 1 Best Chania Pub Crawls