The 5 Best Bar Hopping Tours in Berlin

Berlin is a city that never sleeps – its vibrant nightlife attracts travelers from all over the world. And what’s a better way to experience the city’s buzzing bars and clubs than going on a pub crawl? Whether you’re a solo traveler or a group of friends, Berlin hosts some of the best pub crawls in Europe, with a mix of historic pubs, modern bars, and underground clubs. In this post, we’ll guide you through some of the top pub crawls in Berlin, so you can make the most out of your nights in the German capital. Prost!

The 5 Best Bar Hopping Tours in Berlin

  1. Berlin Nightlife: The Original Pub Crawl
  2. Berlin: Pub Crawl with Skip-the-Line Club Entry
  3. Berlin: Private Pub Crawl Tour
  4. Original Berlin Pub Crawl and Nightlife Clubbing tour
  5. Original One80 Berlin Pub Crawl

The 5 Best Bar Hopping Tours in Berlin

1. Berlin Nightlife: The Original Pub Crawl

Experience the best of Berlin’s nightlife with this original pub crawl. Explore a variety of cool bars and lounges in the heart of the city and skip the line into one of the best nightclubs. Throughout the night, enjoy complimentary shots and drink specials at each stop. With a local guide to show you around and the company of other travelers, this pub crawl offers an unforgettable night out in Berlin. The tour includes pub crawl with a guide, entrance fees, drink specials, skip-the-line club entrance, and transfer. Don’t miss out on experiencing Berlin’s alternative bar, weekend-long raves, and crazy club culture.

2. Berlin: Pub Crawl with Skip-the-Line Club Entry

Begin your evening by meeting your local nightlife guide and fellow travelers for a night of exploring Berlin’s vibrant scene. Enjoy priority entry with skip-the-line access to a popular club and visit four other venues such as cocktail lounges, alternative dives, techno bars, and bustling dance halls. Experience Berlin’s ever-changing nightlife with new stops each night and complimentary shots to keep the party going. As you make your way to each venue, your guide will provide insight into Berlin’s nightlife culture. Please note that this tour is not suitable for pregnant women, wheelchair users, or children under 18 years of age. A train ticket and drink specials at participating venues are included. Join us for a night of unforgettable fun in Berlin.

3. Berlin: Private Pub Crawl Tour

Enjoy the ultimate private pub crawl tour through Berlin’s coolest locations. Get ready for an unforgettable night out without the hassle of planning. Your private guide will take you to 4 of the hottest hotspots in town, ensuring priority entrance and free shots at each stop. From tasty drinks to great music, experience Berlin’s party scene at its best. The tour includes a welcome schnapps to start off your night. Meet your guide at a location and time of your choosing and let the party begin!

4. Original Berlin Pub Crawl and Nightlife Clubbing tour

Experience the vibrant nightlife of Berlin with an exciting pub-crawl around the trendiest bars in East Berlin. Join a group of fellow party-goers and a knowledgeable local guide to explore the city’s coolest bars while enjoying exclusive free entrance and shots, and discounted drinks. This great value tour guarantees an unforgettable evening filled with dancing and mingling with the locals. The fun doesn’t end with the bars – gain VIP access to one of the city’s biggest clubs and dance till dawn. Book now and explore the best nightlife spots in Berlin!

5. Original One80 Berlin Pub Crawl

The Original One80 Berlin Pub Crawl is the perfect way to experience the vibrant nightlife scene of Berlin. With skip-the-line entry and a knowledgeable local guide, you’ll visit some of the city’s best bars and clubs. Public transportation is also included, providing a convenient way to move between venues.

The tour starts every night at 9:00 PM at Generator Berlin Mitte, located at Oranienburger Straße 65. The end point varies each night, but guests can either choose to stay at the last club or find their own way back to their accommodation.

During the pub crawl, expect to visit multiple bars and clubs in Berlin. Please wear comfortable shoes and appropriate clothing for the weather. This tour is not recommended for pregnant travelers or those with serious medical conditions.

Cancellation is allowed up to 24 hours before the tour for a full refund. Join the Original One80 Berlin Pub Crawl for an unforgettable night exploring the best of Berlin’s nightlife.

Top Frequently Asked Questions by Tourists about Berlin

Berlin is a city rich in culture and history, attracting millions of tourists each year. With its vibrant art scene, historic landmarks, and delicious cuisine, it’s no surprise that visitors have a lot of questions about the city. In this post, we’ll answer some of the top frequently asked questions by tourists about Berlin.

1. What is the best way to get around Berlin?

Berlin has an excellent public transportation system consisting of buses, trams, U-Bahn (underground train), and S-Bahn (suburban train). Tourists can purchase a day or week pass, which allows them to travel unlimited within a certain zone. Taxis and rental bikes are also available for those who prefer a more personalized experience.

2. What are some must-see landmarks in Berlin?

Berlin has many landmarks that tourists should not miss. The Brandenburg Gate, located in the heart of the city, is one of the most recognizable landmarks. The Berlin Wall, which used to divide the city, is now a must-see attraction with its colorful murals and historic significance. The Reichstag building, the parliament of Germany, is also a popular attraction with its impressive glass dome offering a 360-degree view of the city.

3. What is the best time of year to visit Berlin?

The best time to visit Berlin is during the summer months between May and September when the weather is warm and pleasant. This is also the time when several outdoor events, including festivals and concerts, take place. However, the city can be crowded during this time, and prices might be higher.

4. What are some traditional foods to try in Berlin?

Berlin is known for its hearty cuisine, with several dishes that tourists should try. The Currywurst is a must-try fast food dish consisting of sliced sausages covered in curry ketchup. Doner kebab, a Turkish dish, is also popular in Berlin, with many street vendors selling it. Other traditional dishes include Schnitzel, a breaded and fried meat cutlet, and Spätzle, a type of egg noodle.

5. What are some lesser-known attractions in Berlin?

While Berlin has several popular attractions, there are also many lesser-known attractions that tourists should explore. The Berlin Zoo and Aquarium, located in the heart of the city, is one of the oldest and most diverse zoos in the world. The Mauerpark Flea Market, held every Sunday, is an excellent place to find vintage clothing, handmade crafts, and street food. Prenzlauer Berg, a lively and trendy neighborhood with independent shops, cafes, and restaurants, is also worth a visit.

6. What is the nightlife like in Berlin?

Berlin has one of the most vibrant and diverse nightlife scenes in Europe. From techno clubs to rooftop bars, the city has something for everyone. Berghain, a world-famous techno club, is an experience not to be missed for club-goers. The clubs located in Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg neighborhoods offer a more alternative vibe, while the bars in Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg cater more to the trendy and upscale crowd.

7. What is the currency used in Berlin?

The currency used in Berlin is the Euro. Most establishments, including hotels, restaurants, and shops, accept credit and debit cards. However, it’s always a good idea to carry some cash for smaller transactions.

8. What are some safety tips for tourists in Berlin?

Like any major city, tourists should be aware of their surroundings and take precautions to avoid becoming a victim of crime. Pickpocketing and theft are common in busy tourist areas, such as the Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Wall. Tourists should also avoid walking alone at night, especially in poorly lit areas. It’s always a good idea to carry a copy of your passport and important documents with you and leave the originals in a safe place.In conclusion, Berlin has a lot to offer tourists with its rich history, vibrant culture, and delicious cuisine. By answering these frequently asked questions, we hope to make your trip to Berlin more enjoyable and comfortable. Remember to stay safe, try new foods, and explore both the popular and lesser-known attractions.

How to Spend Your Time as a Tourist in Berlin

Berlin is a city that’s cherished by many. Known for its rich history, diverse art scene, and world-famous monuments, Berlin has plenty to offer tourists. If you’re planning to visit the city soon, here’s a guide that will walk you through how to spend your time as a tourist in Berlin.

1. Visit Museum Island

If you’re interested in art, history, or architecture, Museum Island is the perfect destination for you. It’s located in the city center and is home to five of Berlin’s most famous museums, including the Pergamon Museum, the Alte Nationalgalerie, and the Neues Museum. Each museum features a unique collection that will keep you entertained for hours.

How to get there:

Take the U-Bahn (subway) to the “Friedrichstraße” station, which is located near the island.

2. Check out the Berlin Wall East Side Gallery

The Berlin Wall is one of the most famous landmarks in Germany. The East Side Gallery is a section of the wall that’s covered in graffiti art. It stretches for over a kilometer and features over 100 paintings from artists around the world. It’s a great place to take photos and learn about the history of the city.

How to get there:

Take the S-Bahn or U-Bahn to the “Warschauer Straße” station, which is located near the gallery.

3. Visit the Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is one of the most iconic landmarks in Germany. It was once a symbol of the division of the city and has since become a symbol of unity. It’s located in the heart of the city and is easily accessible by public transportation.

How to get there:

Take the S-Bahn or U-Bahn to the “Brandenburger Tor” station, which is located near the gate.

4. Take a walk in Tiergarten

Tiergarten is a large park in the center of Berlin. It’s a great place to take a walk or go for a picnic. The park features several walking trails, ponds, and gardens. If you’re lucky, you might even spot some wildlife.

How to get there:

Take the S-Bahn or U-Bahn to the “Zoologischer Garten” station, which is located near the entrance of the park.

5. Visit the Reichstag Building

The Reichstag Building is the home of the German parliament. It’s a beautiful building that’s known for its glass dome. Visitors can go inside and take a guided tour, which includes a visit to the dome and a view of the city.

How to get there:

Take the S-Bahn or U-Bahn to the “Reichstag/Bundestag” station, which is located near the building.

6. Check out the Berliner Dom

The Berliner Dom is a beautiful cathedral located on Museum Island. It’s the largest church in the city and is known for its stunning architecture. Visitors can climb to the top of the dome for a view of the city.

How to get there:

Take the U-Bahn to the “Hackescher Markt” station, which is located near the cathedral.

7. Visit Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie was the most famous crossing point between East and West Berlin during the Cold War. Today, it’s a popular tourist destination and features a museum that tells the story of the checkpoint and the division of the city.

How to get there:

Take the U-Bahn to the “Kochstraße/Checkpoint Charlie” station, which is located near the checkpoint.

8. Take a tour of the city

If you’re short on time or want to see as much of the city as possible, consider taking a tour. There are several options available, including walking tours, bike tours, and bus tours. A tour can give you a great overview of the city and help you decide what to explore in more detail later.

How to find a tour:

Visit any tourist office in the city center or book a tour online before your trip.

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Berlin is a city that’s full of history, culture, and beauty. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re interested in art, history, or nature. With this guide, you can make the most out of your time in Berlin and explore all the city has to offer. Remember to plan ahead, use public transportation, and make time for relaxation in between all the sightseeing. Have a great trip!

The 5 Best Bar Hopping Tours in Berlin